Party 🎉

So once again apologies for not writing much….. a new laptop is on the cards any day now!

We've been really busy at work with moving cows around all in preparation for calving which is coming round fast now and I'm quite excited about! The preparation included walking 1231 cows home from a nearby town the other day! This took about 4 hours and was a mammoth task but he team did good! I managed to successfully stay on my motorbike even though I had the treacherous task of going through a full blown forest to extract the last few cows!

with everyone including all the cows home safe and sound we celebrated with a beer and an early night!!! Joe had big plans for skiing the next day (our day off) but unfortunately the mountain is still shut due to too much snow. Bizarre we know! So we rested all day and did a food shop-exciting times.

A lot of new people have moved in this week and we've had a few celebrations! One in particular for Codys birthday! Which ended with a vomit covered sofa and one hell of a mess in the kitchen. Which we're still cleaning up! Other parties included arm wrestling and debates about communism. Wild I know.
The weather is still snowy and raining and in places very very muddy!!! But we're all good and still loving every second of dairy farming and Newzealand!

Paris x

Let it snow ❄️

They said it would happen and we didn't believe them, but over the last week we've had SNOW!!!!

We were rewarded by a short day at work so we could all have a snowball fight! And we all headed back out in the evening just to check the cows! I think it's safe to say this is a bit more like the winter we expected from New Zealand! We had plans to go skiing as it was our day off but despite two tries the mountain was closed due to too much snow. Saw to say Joe was not impressed but I guess we'll try again next week.

Paris X

When John came to stay! 

 Work is going really well and is good fun but tiring! It’s still relatively slow at the moment but we’re looking forward to  calving which starts soon so I’m sure I’ll have plenty of updates about working life soon. But this post is all about partying, so get your seat belts on it’s been wild….

We’d known for a while that John was coming over to watch the lions tour and Joe had been planning what to do with him. Plans were vague and so were details…. but eventually we got some dates and booked an extra day off! We headed into Christchurch to meet John straight after work and The boys started on the beers. 

We talked about what to do over the next 3 days and decided that a trip to Queenstown was a must. We got a relatively early night and got up early the next morning. We started looking at options for where to stay before we left and I suggested a hostel I found online, the boys agreed so we booked it. We all piled into the car and I had a nice read of War and Peace while they talked about life in general after all everyone has a lot to catch up on. We’d decided on the way to stop at the lake Tekapo spa….. I got bored of hearing Tek-a-po jokes and was glad when we arrived! We got changed and headed for the hot pools! Despite being initially slightly over run by children we had a good relax and admired the view! The highlight was definitely jumping in the plunge pool with advice from Joe “don’t put your head under or you might die” good one babe! 😂

After 2 and a half hours of relaxation we jumped back in the car and headed the rest of the way to Queenstown! This leg of the drive was spectactular. It was the road that just kept giving. I even managed to sneak in a little nap and then ta da! We made it to Queenstown. First things first… we got checked into the hostel and headed out. The hostel of choice was nomads and although nice and including a sauna and cinema it was an alcohol free zone and the boys were not impressed. So on the hunt for beer it is. I’d looked up a few places and it wasn’t long before we bumped into one of the places i’d seen recommended. Cowboys did not disapoint…. and everyone was satisfied with the size of the beer!!!! 🍺 The place is like a fake American saloon, cheesy as hell but a good laugh, filled with taxidermy and a bucking bronco let’s see where this takes us. 

After a few too many steins we needed to find food and opted for flames a very classy restaurant that I would recommend. We all had steak and then all wondered around for where to go next…….

We opted for a place called rhinos or something like that! (Advertised as a ski shak) And there were some good tunes and lots of lovely ladies for John, the dance moves came out a plenty! And the night was drank and danced away in style!!! Relatively early night of around 2.30am and bed. We were sharing our hostel room with 3 American siblings who to put it politely were a little tame. They got the shock of their lives when Joe went to the toilet and didn’t quite make it leaving him to use his tshirt as pants on the way back just to realise he’d left his key! One of the American girls let him in and her face was a picture!!!! We headed out for breakfast! At Joe’s garage a chain in New Zealand that Joe and I have previously experianced and can highly recommend for good food!!! I had a bacon sandwich John had a breakfast burrito and Joe had a pot of salmon. You heard me a whole breakfast menu to choose from and Joe has a pot of Salmon. Each to their own! 

We had previously spent a lot of time discussing what activities we should do the next day! As one thing I will say about Queenstown is if you visit you will not be bored! Suggestions were bungee jumping, paragliding, skiing, kayaking, hiking, drinking and the list goes on. In the end I came up with the winning idea which was a gondola to the top of the mountain and a luge! It was a really good day in all! We got to the top and spent some time admiring the view which once again was stunning. 

We went on the luge which was great fun and then had a few beers and watched some people bungee jump! On the way down in the gondala (which went right past the posh restaurant and bar) the boys decided it would be a good idea to get their bums out of the window! I felt like I was on a school trip but secretly found the whole thing quite hilarious!!!! We stopped at London bar for lunch (pizza) and gathered our thoughts for the evening. Rugby is a must and obviously a few drinks! Home to the hostel for a power nap. We headed back to London bar to watch the rugby and then wondered around the town! We had a few free tickets to an ice bar and thought we’d check that out but it was fully booked! We’d previously walked past a place called Zephyr and I’d seen it online during my researching as a rock bar! I thought I’d try my luck and asked the boys if we could go in! To my surprise it was a yes and we settled down at the bar with our first round of our preferred spirits! The wall behind the bar was covered in Polaroid of half naked people in the bar, John was desperate for a photo on the wall but all in good time we told him. The night was great the music better and the company made it! The topic of conversation turned towards Johns bucket list but I’ll leave the rest to the imagination. We discovered a shot called mini beer! We don’t know what it is but if you’re ever offered it take it! It’s amazing!!!!! We should know we drank enough of it!!!! The night got wild and we all had a brilliant  time! The next morning Joe was very hungover we couldn’t initially find John but he turned up in the end and we all piled into the faithful red rocket to head back home. On the way back we discussed the events of the weekend and laughed together about what a good time we’d had and what plans we had for the future. Joe stopped to be sick about 4 times before we’d left queenstown, John took over the driving and Joe fell asleep in the back we only made one more stop for Joe to have an emergency poo! 

We made it back safe and sound with a few crazy memories! Thanks for coming John it has been a pleasure and we’ve had a great weekend that wouldn’t of been half as mental if it wasn’t for you! 

Now the answer to the question you’ve all been asking yourselves……. did we make it onto the Zephyr wall of fame? 
*parents look away now*

What the hell do you think?


Paris X

It’s my BIRTHDAY!!!! 

Hello party people!!!! Just wanted to take this opportunity to say Thankyou to everyone who’s wished me a happy birthday!!! From those who posted cards to those who wrote on fb or took the time to ft. It’s been a great day and as always NZ life is unreal!!! 

Joe brought me some work gloves and tickets to Cirq De Soliel which I am totally over the moon with!!!! We had a few chilled beers and even got a win from the lions!!!! Love and miss you all!!! But Thankyou once again for all the kind wishes!!! Think I officially had the funniest FaceTime ever from the Sandiford’s ft Otis the cat!!! I’ll leave you all with a blast from the past thanks to mother bear!! 

Love to everyone

Ps. I think Joe enjoyed my birthday too…. 

Paris X

Rakaia gorge.

So we’re getting used to the winter and the cold! And it is a shock to the system but a good one. We’ve been enjoying the Lions tour and (this is rugby for those of you who don’t know) even went to watch one game in person which was a great night out. Joe drank to much and managed to fall down the stairs but there were no injuries sustained and with a win from the Lions we left in high spirits! 

Work over the winter is quiet and more about fixing things than cows but we’ve both been getting stuck in and my god did the first pay day feel good! I reckon we could get used to this working malarkey! On our days off we decided to go for a walk up Rakaia gorge after driving through many times and liking the look of the area! The walk was beautiful and there are loads of different trails so I think we’ll try another one next week! 

I’ve even enrolled in weekly pole dancing lessons so maybe this is the new healthy us! The best thing so far for me is having our own kitchen and being able to cook every night and enjoy a little normality after all our crazy adventures in Asia! Don’t worry though I’m sure there will still be plenty of crazy mixed in! Take care everyone at home as always miss you all loads! 

Paris X

We’re still with you!!

I just wanted to write this quick post to let you know that Joe and I are still here we havn’t forgotton you!!! My laptops been broken and we’ve been pretty busy so it’s hard to write much! We spent the first 3 weeks in NZ living in Mavs house and abusing his hospitality while desperately looking for jobs and obviously drinking way too much alcohol. We now both work on a dairy farm and so far love it! But we’re really tired as we’ve pretty much spent the last 8 months doing nothing! We’ve enjoyed getting into a bit of a routine and meeting some awesome people aswell as eventually having some decent money coming in. We’re taking things slow planning things to do in NZ and enjoying normality i.e. Cheese on toast! It’s also really ace to have a bit of a home I’ve even started knitting a blanket and we plan to renovate a campervan to have some fun travels in on our time off. Until my laptop situation is sorted this is probably it for me for a while! But don’t worry you are not missing out on much! We still love and miss you all!! I’ll leave you with a few pictures of what’s occurring… and hopefully get a new laptop and post on more detail soon!

Paris X

For those of you that are avid followers I am still doing my book a week challenge and making progress it’s hard to add the list onto here so you’ll have to wait until the laptops sorted for all the finer details of what I’ve been reading. X

48 Hours in Bangkok airport! 

First of all I would like to apologise for taking so long to write anything here! We are currently both well and in NZ on a frantic job hunt before the ski season kicks off. However someone spilt a pint of beer over my laptop (it’s a story for another day) and that’s why I’ve not been online! So let’s travel back in time to when we were still in Bangkok and I’ll try catch you up over the next few days! 

Joe and I arrived at Bangkok airport with plenty of time…. 5 hours until our flight to be exact. We headed to check in and hoped to drop off our bags and get through! I had my heart set on a bit of shopping and a G and T before takeoff. At check in we were declined due to apparently not being registered on that flight! Shocked, and advised to call the agency (STA) we headed to the nearest pay phone! I don’t know how many of you have tried to use a pay phone in Bangkok airport but let me tell you!!! It is impossible it has more buttons than the cocpit of the plane! After no luck and patients wearing thin we found a Scottish man who let me use his phone. We eventually established that we weren’t checked onto the flight and had already missed checkin. 
Deflated and annoyed we headed to a nearby hotel which in itself was a mission as the taxi driver drove us miles away and then to a 5star facility. Eventually we found a suitable hotel where we could continue our phone conversations with STA and try work out what was going on. The hotel had condoms in the fridge, which was puzzling but you can’t be too fussy in these situations and I made for the phone. While Joe headed out to get me a pizza every cloud and all that….. 

After numerous phone calls we were assured that we would be flying tomorrow. However by now we’d heard it all before and we’re not too sure! We headed to bed with our fingers crossed and alarms set for the next day! Lucky for us we’d received an email with a flight confirmation yet no apology that we could fly tomorrow! Relieved we headed to the airport this time nearly 7 hours early just to be sure!! 
Once at the airport I got to indulge in a bit of shopping and Joe enjoyed a pint. We ditched Asian cuisine for a subway….before donning our flight socks and heading to the plane! 

The flight was long but without any further difficulties and we were collected from the airport by an old friend of mine who goes by the name Mav! Thankyou for reading and keep posted for more of the same.
Paris X