Welcome to the 70’s

So this week the weather has been dull and dreary we’ve had rain and wind! Nothing like the sunshine from last week… however with only 3 weeks left to Figi we won’t let that get us down. We had an extra day off this week to attend a 70’s party at the local cafe where we often hang out and drink! We got ready after work and headed down early… to find very few people dressed up! As the night went on and more people arrived we ended up having quite the party! I’ll leave you with a few photos of our fancy dress efforts and frolics!

We have busy days off this week with meetings at work, appointments at the bank and phone calls with immigration lawyers- all very thrilling I know. However if anything interesting happens I’ll be sure to fill you in thanks for reading.

Paris X


End of January update

So here’s a little update on what we’ve been doing as it’s the end of January now. As part of my New Years resolution I wanted to try do dry January…. I lasted till the 3rd so it’s safe to say that was an epic fail!

But oh well I’m not going to let it get me down! This month we’ve also hit the savings hard and booked a few adventures this year the main one includes going home!!!! Via Japan so we’re really excited for that and will continue our saving plan so hopefully by then we’ll have lots of money to do some cool things! We’ve also booked a week away in Figi on the 2nd of March so we have that to look forward to! I’m so excited I’ve all ready packed which Joe thinks is ridiculous but oh well! But other than that January has been full of love and laughter and obviously work! Which is still going amazingly. We’re at the part of the year now where it’s coming to the end of the season and slowing down a bit plenty of time for learning. And still plenty of time for falling off my motorbike which I seem to do daily at the moment 😂

We’ve been spending a lot of time at the pub and been doing a bit of dog sitting which has all been good fun! Most importantly we’ve been enjoying the sunshine!

nd sunshine we have had plenty! We are currently in the middle of a heat wave and you won't hear us complaining (much). We've been swimming in the river these days off and lounging around a lot in general! We even treated ourself to breakfast. We have our G date all planned but didn't quite fit in with the weather this time so keep posted and maybe next week! Love and miss you all loads as always!

ris X

Why I don’t feel lucky!

There you go I said it… now this post might leave you thinking I’m a total ungrateful brat but I’m gunna say it anyway. I have had the best year and a half ever, seen the most amazing things and ticked off a lot of the bucket list but…. (and here it goes) I don’t feel lucky!!

Now let me explain, it’s something we here all the time. “Oh you’re so lucky” “I’m so jealous you’re lucky to be on holiday again” “look at everywhere you’ve been, you’re so lucky” “you’re so lucky it’s summer, it’s freezing here” I’ve heard every kind of lucky you can think of. I’m kind of tuned out to it now but as someone said it the other day I thought about it a bit more. Am I lucky? I don’t think so and here’s why….

I didn’t win the lottery, or meet a genie to grant me 3 wishes 🧞‍♂️(I have been waiting so long to use that emoji in context). My fairy godmother didn’t come down from the heavens and wave a magic wand. I – without risk of putting words in Joes mouth -WE worked bloody hard to be here! And we’ve worked even harder to stay here. We are having a ball and obviously I’m grateful for the opportunity but I still don’t feel lucky. The way I see it is we made a choice and not an easy one. I left a job I loved that I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to and that’s something I think about every day, we left behind friends and family. And we prioritised our love for travel over buying that house or getting that promotion! I don’t regret one minute of it but think… would you tell someone they were lucky for getting A’s in A levels? Or getting that promotion they worked months and months for? Not only have we worked hard to get the money to afford our travels we’ve worked at how we do it! Made changes to our lives and habits and tweeked small things to make it work for us. So to be more specific… I don’t feel lucky for the opportunity. Sometimes I feel lucky for the perfect sunset or the best stars and I felt really lucky to have seen a sperm whale but you have to put yourself out there for a chance to witness all these things! A whale wasn’t going to jump out the Thames while I was having a pint down the Boathouse now was it?

^I think I’ll be sharing that photo for the rest of my life at every opportunity.

I love it, I’m happy, it’s not for everyone but it works for me and for us. I guess what I’m getting at is if you want something work hard until you get it we’re no different and definitely no luckier than anyone else! This world owes you nothing, and you could be a long time waiting for that fairy godmother or your 3 wishes… 🧞‍♂️

Paris X

GoPro Karma test flight

So for Joes Christmas present I purchased him or should I say us! A GoPro Karma and GoPro hero 6! This is just a short post to say that a few weeks ago now we went for our first test flight!!! See footage here… I apologise for the shoddy edit, at the moment internet is not working properly meaning these things are a little more tricky!!! But here goes…


It’s safe to say we love it and can’t wait to film more! The follow me function is amazing and we really have only had a quick play! So watch this space for more Karma footage and reviews!

Paris X

F is for Festival!

So this one was pretty unplanned! We were meant to be going on a fishing trip… but! We’re trying to save money as we have now booked Figi!!! Which also begins with F! So we saw an opportunity this weekend with the buskers festival coming to Christchurch and thought we’d check it out!!! If you want to see more information hit the link….


So to start with we arrived the first day and got pretty lost! We spent a long time wondering around Hagley Park! Which I have to say is beautiful! We eventually found the venue but Joe felt “ill” ( hungover from the day before). So we watched a few acts then headed home! We headed in the next day for a few more hours and watched some more acts! Safe to say it was fun if a little childish. Ideally we would of stayed for the evening but didn’t quite make it! Still we had a laugh and it’s something different that kept us busy for the day.

No plans for G as of yet but watch this space and as I said Figi is not that long away!!! So excited!!

Paris x

E is for Escape room!

So this week for our alphabet date we headed into Christchurch to take part in an escape room!

It’s been something we’ve wanted to do for ages… now for those of you who don’t know what an escape room is let me explain. The concept is that you get locked in a room and there are a series of clues/ puzzles that allow you to work your way through the room in order to get out! Joe was less keen than me but agreed to the challenge! There are different rooms with different themes the room we chose had a prison theme and the idea is that you’ve been wrongly accused of a crime and have 1 hour to escape your cell. All in all it was a great experience that I would recommend. It was hard enough to be challenging but not so hard that it felt impossible!! Plus there is a guy the other side of the door giving you hints if you need/want them… it was pretty intense at the end trying to get out but we made it jut in time!

If you’re interested you should give it a go and let me know if you get out!!

Paris X

Tekapo and Geraldine

We headed for lake Tekapo, this was one of our longer drives. We momentarily lost Pete and Jacquie when they had a fridge incident on the way. We’d decided that this night was going to be BBQ night and the boys started setting things up. As part of these preparations Joe lit his little BBQ thats he’d previously brought for this trip. We were all engrossed in wine and conversation when we realised that the BBQ was on fire and quite near the petrol tank of our van. The boys swooped into action and quickly put out the blaze and moved all dangerous items to a safe place. We all laughed about it after we’d decided it was no longer a safety concern. We also made friends with some very forward ducks at this campsite which ended in a bit of a competition to see who could be the first to catch one. Pete won this contest with flying colours! I’ll put your mind at rest and let you know the duck didn’t actually end up on the BBQ!

IMG_3814IMG_3818IMG_3819We also decided that this was the night we were going to celebrate Christmas after I found some Xmas hats in the van. I also found some midgey repellent which we probably could of done with finding at the beginning of thew trip hey ho. I booked Jacquie and I into the spa the next day so we enjoyed a relaxed evening talking about our trip so far. The campsite was not one of the best and was pretty cramped we were surrounded by a very large chines family who I was slightly concerned about as they appeared to have newly hired massive camper vans and were struggling to open the door at one point. lucky the roads in New Zealand are quite wide!IMG_3827

The next morning we enjoyed our swim in the hot pool accompanied briefly by Pete and Joe before they decided on a fishing trip instead. We headed into the spa for a massage and it was amazing. I slept in the car after that and felt truely relaxed. Our next stop was Geraldine where we wondered around some shops and enjoyed dinner out!

Paris X