Khaosan Road (first impressions)

We made it to Bangkok!! Whoop whoop. And Khoasan road is where our adventure well and truly started! First impressions were that it wasn’t as busy as we thought, I think though in hindsight that was more to do with the time of day that we arrived it was 9am and I think the city was just getting going. It took quite a while to get our bearings and even at that time in the morning it is SOOOO hot! We wondered around and had a cheap beer and sit down, we were quickly befriended by a tuk tuk driver who took us to his local friends travel agents for free in hope of finding somewhere to stay tonight. The travel agent was a big fat Welsh man who spoke welsh to Joe. Turns out he couldn’t really help us book a room so I booked one online and thats where we headed. The guesthouse (that I chose) was brilliant, lush rooftop swimming pool and really nice atmosphere felt really safe leaving our stuff there and heading out. We went to cool down in the pool and got talking to loads of people. Joe managed to get really really burnt followed by really really drunk which didn’t go down too well with me it’s safe to say we’ve survived our first argument. Joe then got lost with some of the guys we had met and attempted to get a tattoo! Fortunately, he didn’t have enough money for the tat so he got me a bracelet istead to apologise. Close call!

Khaosan road is definitely for a party, Joe described it as Malia on crack and I think thats quite accurate. The police appear to have a no nonsense approach any trouble and you pretty much get locked in a cage and carted off thats no joke we’ve seen it. Going from the beautiful Rowen and the mountains of North Wales to here really is a bit of a culture shock. Its only our second day though and you quite quickly get a feel for the place and even though its crazy mad it feels safe and all the Thai people we’ve met so far are really lovely.


We also headed out on a tuk tuk tour of all the local free palaces and temples the driver waited for us at every stop and we paid him 20BHAT for a mornings work. Now I’m pretty bad at maths and quite jet lagged but i’m pretty sure thats about 40p? Which seems unreal to me! It is cheap from what we can work out but its easy to spend money, when its so hot there is an almost compulsive urge to drink beer and coke all day which can rack up the bill especially when this area is quite touristy. I need to get out of Bangkok and then re assess the budget once i’ve acclimatised to working it all out. We’ve also been on a hilarious boat tour after ages of me bartering the price down the guy agreed with me if we went with a boat driver who didn’t speak any english we could have a cheaper price. The driver would whistle and shout while pointing at random things and me and Joe would then try and work out what the landmarks were etc. Much better than listening to a boring tape recording in about 6 different languages. At one point I thought he was pointing at a pigeon on the floor when Joe looked up and realised there was a massive lizard basking in the sun right next to this little pigeon. We had a laugh anyway and enjoyed a cold beer from the floating markets with the boat driver on our way along. We’ve tried the pad thai and OMG, it is the best food ever. I never thought I would say that but it is totally amazing, I think I might have it for breakfast lunch and dinner for the next 6 months. This post seems a bit all over the place but I just wanted to air my first impressions and then maybe the next post will be a bit more focused!


Khaosan road has well and truly chewed us up and spat us out, we’ve partied a lot and seen some pretty cool stuff too. We’re looking forward to our next few days in Bangkok but I think we’re going to have a more relaxed approach and enjoy our 5* accommodation as I have a funny feeling its the last part of luxury we’ll be having for awhile!

Paris X

A Thai writer has apparently (according to wikipedia) described Khaosan road as “… a short road that has the longest dream in the world”


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