From Rags to Riches

So for christmas last year we got a secret escapes voucher from Bill (Joes Grandad) we decided that we’d save it until we were away and try to get a really nice deal on a posh hotel! We booked it just before we left the UK giving us something to look forward to and we spent to first 2 nights in Bangkok partying away we then headed to our 5 star accommodation with a local tuk tuk driver to work off the hangover. It was hard to find and we actually got dropped off at the wrong hotel. The company that own the hotel  apparently own 5 in Bangkok so they weren’t surprised we got confused and they ordered us another taxi.


When we eventually got to the hotel OMG it was so stunning we had a complimentary drink and then went up to our room, our stuff was all delivered shortly after. First things first and we turned the air-conditioning on full blast and chilled. That first day we had really bad weather, such a massive storm but it was really great as we watched it through the massive windows from our king size bed. We went to check out the pool and have a swim but the lightening was so bad so we were advised against it much to Joes disappointment we headed back out to get some food before spending more time in the room sleeping. Later the storm cleared up so we got to swim although the pool was beautiful it was so freezing, it was a real struggle to get in the water but we did it and had a swim before coming back up to get dressed and showered. The bath is the best thing about the hotel room i’ve made good use of it and even washed my hair! I’ve also washed some of our clothes in the sink so everything clean and fresh for the next leg of our journey. I must admit I have also made use of the room service much to Joes disgust I had a cheese sandwich as I was starving and had already had my fair share of noodles that day. I might have to retract my earlier statement because the bath is really great but… the view is just insane here it looks right over central Bangkok skyline and it is beautiful you really get a sense of how BIG the city is.


On our second day we vowed to soak up as much of the luxury hotel room as we can I’m going to have like 5 baths and a good swim in the pool too. We experienced the metro today which was very pleasant and have booked tickets for our train to Chang Mai tomorrow night. We then spent the evening having a well deserved couple of beers and eating some proper local food. The kitchen’s are pretty much just tents on the side of the road here. No english, and no menu, but so far they have hit the spot. Going to take Joe a while to look less out of place however because the occasional chilli in his noodle soup makes him sweat like a blind lesbian in a fish shop! (thats how he put it anyway). So its goodbye to luxury and off on the night train i’ll let you know how it goes!

Paris X


3 thoughts on “From Rags to Riches

  1. mandy says:

    Ha ha! I’m glad you’re loving it all – and taking in all the delights of Bangkok and the Khoasan road – and survived them! 😉 Have a chilled time in Chang Mai – it’s truly beautiful! Enjoy – and take care! Xxx


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