The night train (insert train noise here)

Well I was really excited for the night train and dreading it all at the same time. I think at this point the majority of our excitement was to do with getting to Chang Mai because so far considering we’re traveling we’ve spent four suspiciously expensive nights in Bangkok. We’d done a dummy run to the train station the day before to get tickets and it was easy enough to get to so we packed our bags and off we went!! we settled in on the train and found our seats… it was a little confusing because they were seats and we had paid for an upper bunk bed. Joe preceded to try and yank down some folding contraption that looked as though it could – with a little imagination – turn into a bed. At which point a local stopped him and asked “you want to sleep” Joe replied “yeah I guess” and then the man laughed and declared “you must wait sit down”. So still slightly confused we sat where we were told and waited patiently.


The train was sold out and soon a couple of local men came and sat next to us. So we carried on still puzzled at when we’d be allowed to go to bed but in good spirits and entertained by the whole process, there was a lot of police/military/men in an unfamiliar uniform patrolling the train and a small friendly man selling crisps by shouting “chip chip” at the top of his voice every 5 minutes. Once the train had been going about an hour and some people had eaten their dinner we noticed an official looking man pulling out beds for people who were ready to get to sleep. The man who slept on the lower bunk to mine was in his PJ’s toothbrush in hand ready to go. The man next to Joe was eating what I think was his 3rd portion of rice since he’s been on the train and asked for a while longer so I sat with them while my new found mate went to bed. Soon after I decided it was time to retire the train was making me feel ill and I decided the last way to avoid being horrifically travel sick was to just go to bed and leave Joe to watch his bunk mate polish off his dinner alone. So I stood up said goodnight and climbed up my ladder. At this point I should probably mention that earlier in the day Joe had told me that I had a massive rip in the back of my trousers meaning that if they weren’t positioned in just the right way the whole of Bangkok could see my arse. So as I got up the ladder completely forgetting about this rip I turner round to notice the guy sat next to Joe saying “Mister Mister her bottom” and laughing himself silly while spraying rice out of his nose!  Joe later told me that he didn’t know whether to say sorry or good lad! MEN.

As far as the sleeping train goes thats about all I can tell you I fell asleep as did Joe and was woken up by the man who had given up his cries for “CHIPS” and was now shouting “TA AND COFFEE” all in all a pleasant experience we did go 2nd class and I think next time we’d go 3rd to save those extra few pounds! We were a little apprehensive before booking this one so we wanted Air conditioning and a designated bed. To be quite honest though, we were even a bit chilly in the middle of the night so I think we’ll slum it on the next one and see how that goes.

Now to see what Chang Mai has to offer us!

Paris X


One thought on “The night train (insert train noise here)

  1. mandy says:

    Ha ha – the joy of the overnight trains and the seat /beds!!!! 😉Have a ball in Chang Mai – it’s stunning! Oh yeah – and in the villages the locals will try to sell you Manchester United football shirts! Originals of course! 😉 xxx


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