The Jungle hut

So I checked out accommodation before we got to Pai and there were some pretty cheap deals, in the end I booked a place called Tony’s Guesthouse. For the equivalent of £3 a night this appeared to be a good deal to me and Joe was happy with the pictures of the place. The accommodation was described as a jungle hut and to me this was what Thailand was all about. We arrived and started walking to our accommodation we thought we might get lost ad it was a little out of town so I sent joe to get a taxi while I waited with the bags. In the end the taxi turned out to be a total wast of money as it was literally just up the road but oh well. When we arrived ‘Tony’ as he introduced himself took us to our little hut we were both so excited and loved it! The mattress was on the floor with a mosquito net over it and it was very basic but clean. The shower which was just across the small field actually came out a bamboo shoot which was so cool. We extended our stay and stayed our whole 3 nights there. Much to the horror of Charlotte who spent one night in a similar hut and decided that due to the bugs her and Connor would upgrade to an air-conditioned room.

We were quite sad to leave our little hut in the end and over looked the most gorgeous view and questionable swap one last time before heading off on our next adventure. I’ll fill you in on the rest of Pai later..

Paris X


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