The life of Pai (another long one)

So we left Chang Mai and said our emotional goodbyes to mama and off we went to Pai I was quite excited as i’d heard good things and it felt good to be getting out of the city. We arrived by bus and headed of to get all our bags dropped off etc. We had a bit of a row on the way up as Joe is obsessed with buying a motorbike and at this point in time I wasn’t up for much negotiation! (plus we are seriously spending money fast). Anyway by the time we’d walked back into town we were on speaking terms again and went to find wifi so that I could get in contact with Charlotte and Connor.  I messaged Charlotte and she said that they’d hired a moped and would come and meet us… this started another argument but I agreed that if I could go shopping later in the day Joe would be allowed a moped for one day to see how it went. I mean what could possibly go wrong? Connor came back to pick us both up on the back of his ped and I was terrified for some reason shock the whole way back much to the boys amusement.



We started drinking straight away and got a look at their place which was really nice but not quite like the jungle hut (a little bit more sophisticated). I felt a proper mess after being on that bus all morning but could not be bothered to head back to ours to get changed, so I borrowed some of Charlotte make up and came to the decision that the show must go on. We had a few drinks nothing too crazy and everywhere shut pretty early but first impressions of Pai spot on. Our first night sleep in the jungle hut was AMAZING! We hired a ped that morning after a bit of a lie in and went back to find Charlotte and Connor everyone is pretty hanging but we’d made some plans to go and see some waterfalls and decided to carry on. Now is a good point to add that as well as still being terrified for my life I had developed into a back seat driver and would constantly remind Joe “slow down, watch out for dogs, theres a traffic light there. etc” I had also grown an irrational fear of the white line that divides the road. I was totally convinced that if we went on the white line it would jump out of the road and viciously attack us. So as i’m sure you can all imagine Joe got very annoyed with me but hey ho we made it to the waterfall and it was lush has a nice swim jumped in off some rocks and chilled out completely.


Next we’d seen a sign for the land split which we decided to check out on the way back by now we had met a really annoying Australian man who Joe had branded a “travel wanker” I have to give it to Joe this man was the next level of annoying. He started by telling us about the meditation camp he’d been to where you are not allowed to speak to anyone for 10 days Joe completely took the piss and loudly declared that maybe I should go on a meditation camp. Connor lost the plot laughing and we tried to take ourselves away to  quite corner before heading up the land split.


This Australian dude continued to tell everyone about how this Thai girlfriend had nicknamed himself “small banana” at which point Charlotte had her head in her hands and I could not look at anyone. No one had a clue what to say at this point. I rallied the troops lets go up this land split. Now i’d previously noticed a small wooden go kart that had a sign propped up against it saying “feel free to take up hill and ride down” I thought Joe would jump at the chance but Connor seemed  more keen.


We let him go first anyway Charlotte went up to get some good photos and last minute decided to jump on the back. They came charging down this hill and turned the corner fast crashing out into a load of peanuts. At first it was funny but then it became clear that she had seriously hurt herself. Charlotte leg had friction burned on the wheel of this go-kart and it looked pretty nasty she went off and got cleaned up but then it was clear she was in pain. Connor laid her down and put her legs it the air that done the trick, she wasn’t keen to get back on the bike and I did not blame her. the rest of us accompanied by the australian travel wanker went up to the land split and it was pretty disappointing the walk back down was treacherous but we all made it. Charlotte was reassured by the fact that she didn’t miss out on much and we all convinced her she’d do better on the back of the bike. We had a nap then met them again for an evening out. We went out later that evening but had a pretty chilled one Joe and I watched some live music and then walked back up the hill… to our jungle hut.

The next day I sent Joe into town to get the ped and I agreed that we could have one more day. Connor and Charlotte decided to have a day off adventuring so Joe and I headed out solo. I felt better about being on the ped today and we chilled at a chinese village it was so pretty and we had a nice time. We went off to a viewpoint too and then decided to head to another waterfall where we could chill, but oh no just as we were having the most chilled time at this waterfall disaster struck… Travel wanker turned up and straight away started talking to us. He soon jumped in the water and we left him to it! I started talking to some girl and turned out he’d latched onto their group and they couldn’t get rid of him. We took this as our queue to leave and off we went to get some lunch. We ate at a really cute local place and the food was lovely and cheap. Once back in town we didn’t really know what to do so we decided to go and find Joes friends mum who lives out here, she was so welcoming and lovely and gave us some advice about getting the boat to Laos. Her guesthouse was one of the nicest places we’ve been to and even debated returning to Pai to work for a while later on our adventures. We headed back to meet Charlotte and Connor sent the boys off with strict instructions on how to book tickets for the boat trip. Charlotte was dubious about giving Conner the bank card and asked him several times if her knew how to use the cash machine this caused great amusement between everyone and off they zoomed. They came back and had followed the instructions well we all go showered and changed and headed out. We got an Italian and the night started there. You were good to us Pai now lets get this show on the road.

Paris X

Special thanks to Charlotte for the pictures as Joes phone got lost and mine is a bit broken!


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