So far so good!!

I would first of all like to thank you all for reading so far and for all your comments and advice along the way! We are having an amazing time and still very excited for all the adventures yet to come! I’ve made a cheeky little go pro edit of our first week and a bit, it covers Bangkok and Chang Mai so i’ll post a link to youtube and would highly appreciate it if you’d all watch, like and subscribe!

Once again thank you all for reading the blog, we miss you all loads, but having you all reading along makes us feel like you’re with us every step of the way!!! We’ve over stayed in Luang Prabang a bit because they have a boat/light festival today and its only once a year so we thought we would stay and see what its all about. Plus we have a cushty deal on a little air-conditioned room that we’re sharing with Charlotte and Connor. There will be a blog post on the way about everything we’ve done since we’ve been here so keep your eyes peeled because it has been hilarious.

Paris X


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