Luang Prabang the best bits…

We arrived and checked into a pretty nice guest house got all sorted and back into the swing of things after our long boat ride here… so here you go this is our best bits… (in no particular order)

1.Utopia – Seems to be where all the traveler types go come the evening time and its a pretty good party!! Joe enjoyed doing some backflips across the volleyball court and come 10pm the tunes are banging. It where we headed most nights before home to bed. Closes early (like everywhere else) at 23.30 but nothing to stop us from starting earlier than usual either.


2.Night market – This was personally my favourite thing… I loved the shopping and on this night market you could buy anything. The clothes were the nicest that i’ve seen so far by a long way and Joes favourite was the bottles of home brew whiskey with whole snakes, scorpions and millipedes in them you could go down and get free shots so Joe just went to every single one and called it pre drinks! I brought Joe some trousers and a top and it was a laugh just haggling and talking to the local stall owners. It had a lively feel at night and I could have walked down there all evening every evening.


3.Pool bar – This was a very interesting day all feeling a bit fragile from the day before Connor suggested that he’d found a pool bar online and that we should all go there and have a chilled day. It sounded like a good plan he showed us some photos done a bit more research and off we set. When we got there the pool was full of local children and I mean full! Connor took this opportunity to add that it did have 1star on trip advisor and a few people had mentioned the children haha. Anyway I ordered some food as it was lunch time the food was basic but really nice. Joe started screaming at one point and Connor headed off to the rescue turns out a caterpillar had fallen from a tree, though be fair this caterpillar looked evil bright green with some massive spikes on him. Connor scooped him up on a leaf and asked a local girl if it was poisonous and if Joe would die. She replied “yes” which made us all panic slightly as Joes arm was now swelling up pretty rapidly!  Charlotte (the queen of google) quickly looked it up and turns out its harmless but can cause a nasty rash, the local girl who worked in the bar brought over some talc like powder and this appeared to fix Joes arm. Later we explained to the bar man what had happened and he gave Joe a few shots of whiskey with a giant Millipede in the bottle, and said that that was sure to cure it and “make him strong”. We spent the whole day say at the pool bar drinking cuba libre after Char and I sampled the worst gin and tonic I have ever tasted. There were two little american girls in the pool who appeared to be craving attention as the day went on and had taken a particular liking to the boys. At one point they demanded shoulder rides and one of them even threatened I won’t leave you alone until you do it. Charlottes came to the rescue and politely told them to leave our boys alone.  But in the end Connor and I did end up entertaining them for awhile whilst Joe still recovered from his caterpillar incident. Don’t go there if you want a chilled day and would rather not be hassled by children but we had a pretty hilarious day and the bar staff were lovely! We spent a lot of money but did manage to get some free whisky and teeshirts out of them.


4.Food street – I think this is Joes favourite part… but I must admit its pretty amzing. The street in particular i’m referring to is one just of the main night market. Its basically like a massive buffet but for £1 you can fill your bowl. Its all vegetarian and you have to pay extra for meat but you get so much its worth splitting a whole duck or fish between you. I’m not entirely sure what some of the food is and as i’m sure you all know i’m a very fussy eater but i’ve just been filling my bowl with noodles and then getting a massive sea bream tot share with Joe even though the meat is extra it is only like £3 and thats for a massive fish so all in all a bargain!!!



5.Mekong River – The slow boat ride here was eventful but the Mekong has a lot to offer, whether its watching children play in the river, the local fisherman trying to find a good catch or monks studying on the river bank every trip up the Mekong so far has had something different to offer.


6.Waterfall – Would recommend this to anyone we had the best time, arrived by mini van and got dropped off at the bottom and then you literally have to hike up to the top. I fell over and proper totalled myself did think i’d broken my finger at one point but it turned out to be okay. When you get to the top its loads of pools of clear water in the middle of a jungle. Theres a little swing that you can sit on and as the path to the top is so treacherous theres hardly anyone up there. The only problem is considering how hot it is to the water is freezing i have never encountered water so cold and think some of the lakes at home are even warmer! With this taken into account our little romantic swim didn’t last very long.


7.Light Festival – We ended up staying longer in Luang Prabang because everyone we bumped into seems to be telling us that we couldn’t miss out on this light festival. So we figured we’d stick it out to be fair we got drunk in the day and missed the actual parade (whoops) but in the evening it was stunning. We sat at a little restaurant and massive boats that the locals had made out of bamboo and tissue paper floated down the Mekong with hundreds of little tea lights inside them all in all very pretty and definitely very spiritual.


8.Cave of 1000 Buddhas – This was good and don’t get me wrong i’m glad we went the boat ride there was brilliant and the cave itself was stunning. But other than that it wasn’t really what I expected not as extravagant or ornate as the reviews online made out. But all in all a pretty amazing day!!



9. Beer Laos – So far one of the nicest local beers we’ve encountered!

10. The best company!! – Charlotte and Connor we have you to thank for this, I think its fair to say we are going to miss you both tonnes now we go our separate ways for a while. I think we have definitely bonded over the last 5/6 days and had many a laugh!! But as a general rule we have met some pretty awesome people in Luang Prabang and it seems like everyones going to be sad to leave.

Paris X



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