Laos continued – Vang Vieng

After Luang Pragbang which I think was my favourite so far we headed to Vang Vieng heres the run down.

Vang Vieng is a pretty party place we stayed for 3 nights, theres loads of stuff to do there especially if you like waterfalls and outdoor pursuits! We done quite a lot of partying and catching up on sleep the first two days and then decided to work out the cheapest way to see some things on our last day. In the evenings we’d become rather fond of a little Irish pub and were especially enjoying their bacon butties in the mornings so we headed there the first night for a chilled evening. Down the main street where we were staying it does get pretty busy and there is definitely a party atmosphere, but at the same  time there are a lot of places just playing reruns of friends all day and all night, serving beer and food! We made the most of this when we had a few hours to kill!


Our second day we went tubing we’d read the reviews and heard it was a major party back in the day one local lad told us they’d shut a lot of it down because they had 22 deaths in 10months but we were reassured that its not like that any more and only two of the previous 10 bars are actually open these days plus there will be no makeshift slide or catapulting of anyone into the river. Not forgetting that we are both superheroes and more than capable of looking after ourselves. So off we went into the river in the inner tube of a tractor tyre. It was fun we only floated 2 minutes down stream before some bloke proceeded to throw things at us in order to fish us out again as we’d arrived at the first bar. It was an interesting experience as the next bar was only another 10 minutes down the river. It was funny we had a few drinks and met two nice couples, Joe enjoyed playing volleyball and basketball with his new friends and the girls and I sat and soaked up the sun. There  were Malia style party “reps” hanging around the place trying desperately to get you to shotgun a beer or play beer pong but not many people were feeling it (yet). Then theres the hardcore tubing people who I think have been every day for the last 7 years but to me it felt slightly like they were trying to live in the past and make it something that it no longer was! Embrace the change people have a happy float down the river with a beer or two and stop being so damn crazy you might live a little longer that way. It was topped off by Joe finding some local kids to play with further up stream and they all started jumping into the river from a pontoon. Joe then performed a textbook backflip, one of which Tom Daly would be proud of, and then received a round of applause from the local kids. (aww dead sweet) Just as we were getting out of the river the heavens opened and we got drowned on the way back to the hotel.   (sorry no photos, will have to wait for the next go pro vid)

The done thing in Vang Vieng appears to be this hour of free drinking! You heard right I said FREE drinking. We had an early one the first night but saw all these signs for free drinks and couldn’t help thinking it was all a bit strange after all its not very often you get something for nothing. Any way we headed out hopefully, the first place we went was Tifalcony (recommended by Deri) and it was nice vibe the chairs are all like up off the floor and all in all its pretty relaxed, the menu is extensive and includes opium and meth.

I have to add for the grandparents/parents no opium or meth was sampled during our stay (we stuck to rice and beer)! Then we proceeded on our route still in search of our free drinks and appeared to find the place don’t cut any covers Joe decided and marched right up to the bar “whats the catch with these free drinks?” he questioned the barman… “starts in 3 minutes” was the reply he got and its safe to stay our night started and ended there with an hour of free whisky!!


Our final day in Vang Vieng we thought we’d better check out some of the sights… due to the fact that all we’d done so far was eat alot, drink a lot and float down the river with a load of piss heads. We hired a bike as this is the cheapest way to do these things and had an awesome day! We didn’t meet or speak to anyone and just chilled by waterfalls and caves and springs. We then drove around taking in Loas for all its beauty and it really is beautiful. We did at one point seem to drive through a village where everyone had either consumed a large amount of alcohol or drugs but we just sped through and let the village carry on with their celebrations!! The roads are sketchy but I was getting used to the bike now and Joe is a safe driver.


On the way back Joe decided that I should have a go at driving and I wasn’t keen on the idea… I realise now in hindsight I should have been more firm and just said no! It ended in a little bit of a disaster but no one was hurt and we live to tell the tale. Plus I think Joes realised that maybe next time it will be a more pleasurable experience for everyone if I defiantly don’t drive! We ended the night with free drinks at Sakura again and even managed to get ourselves a few free t-shirts. Have really loved this place but over all its expensive so far the most we’ve paid for accommodation at £8 a night (extortionate I know), I suppose the hours of free drinks kind of make up for that though. Off we go tomorrow to Vientiane.

Paris X


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