Getting started in Vietnam…

As i’ve already mentioned, we arrived and this city (Hanoi) is mad… with a capital M. 10 times busier than Bangkok and just insane you take your life in your own hands while crossing the street and it feels like the pavements are more dangerous than the roads sometimes. This for us was also our first “hostel” experience. We came to Asia thinking we’d be in “dorms” the whole time sharing with other people etc. But it just hasn’t been cheaper. In fact, it has been a lot more expensive than getting a private room so up until now it has been private rooms all the way! (apart from when we shared in Luang Prabang with Char and Con but that doesn’t count they are basically family now). This hostel was different though as its all double beds interesting… £7 for the pair of us 3 hours of free beer every evening and….. free breakfast. Not bad at all. the room was lush very clean. We settled in and headed out for dinner… met some lovely people and true Joe and Paris style got hammered. How we got home I don’t even know this place is like a maze! If I was on my own I honestly don’t think i’d leave the room.

Successful first day! Not sure our room mates were too impressed with us rocking up at go dknows what time putting all the lights on then falling out of our top bunk and trying to watch a documentary  at full volume haha. Woops. We’d planned to get up early the next day and go to see Hoa Lo prison. But needless to say with this hangover no-one was getting up early. We had a lie in and waited for all are room mates to get gone before showing our faces. I was very sick I did actually think I was dying at one point and when we did make it to the prison I nearly fainted about 10 times the cells were looking quite appealing, think that it was dehydration, a terrible hangover and lack of food from the epic bus journey the day before. But on a serious note when I did mange to pull myself together Hoa Lo prison was really really interesting learnt a lot about the Vietnamese war and all about American pilots being imprisoned there would definitely recommend if anyones on their way to Hanoi anytime soon.


 We bottled it when it came to local food that night as I was still feeling ill, we got a pizza and had a chilled evening catching up on the apprentice and watching some of the go pro footage. Hanoi is good but the plan is to depart tomorrow… watch this space.

Paris X


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