Little 4 week update!

Hello everyone and first of all I must say thank you all for ready cannot quite believe the traffic we’re getting and for those of you that have been commenting keep it coming we love reading your comments and makes us not miss you all quite as much!!!

Also sorry for the quietness for the last week and then overload today i’ve written everything as I go but been having issues with the wifi connection and WordPress website for some reason so thought i’d make the most of it now. For those of you that don’t know we have now been in Vietnam for 3 days we’ve moved north from Hanoi where we started but there will be a blog on that to come explaining all so you’ll have to wait for that one i’m afraid! If anyone did have any doubts (which i’m sure you don’t) we are having the best time and still love each other very much despite a few hiccups along the way!!!  (just joking honestly everything is fine!!!)

There is a new youtube video which i’m sure most of you have already seen but i’m going to post it here for the grandparents who are I know may be less familiar with the ins and outs of Facebook and youtube alike! Featuring in this video is myself, Joseff and the infamous Charlotte and Connor… We miss you guys loads and just hope we get to catch up with you soon (they’ve gone south while we’v gone north for the mean time). The video goes back in time to the amazing 4 nights we spent in Pai comments, likes, shares and subscriptions are all greatly appreciated and please remember we miss you all and love you all loads.

Paris and Joe XX


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