Sorry mums…

You all remember that night I was telling you about when we got drunk and pissed the hostel people off… well theres more. Joe and I made an important decision that night. We decided that these buses aren’t for us. We don’t want to go where EVERYONE goes. The only things we’ve argued about so far have been money and motorbikes and I have to be honest! On this one I backed down he was right!!! (I Know it does not happen very often) So we decided that the next morning before leaving Hanoi we would buy a motorbike! We’ve hired bikes in Pai and in Laos, as a test run, and I was a nervous passenger at first but I trust Joe and really some of the buses we’ve got on, I think the bus drivers are a lot more dangerous.

So off we went on the search for the perfect bike we’d been to the prison (museum) and were heading home admiring all the bikes for sale and looking at various shops. When I spotted a British couple struggling to attach a lot of bags to a very sexy motorbike. Hmm I thought and I looked at Joe “shall I ask them where they brought that” I said “go for it” Joe replied. So I stopped and asked them… they told me where they’d got it from and the advice they had it seemed pretty sound and they, like us seemed pretty sensible so we wished them luck and headed back to the hostel. Joe immediately set to googling the place and it had really good reviews and was within walking distance. So need I say it off we set… it was BUSY all british/european couples buying and selling bikes. We looked at a few and waited patiently for some guidance from the guy who worked there because to be honest neither of us really know much about motorbikes. So we got some assistance and it was explained to us some were £100/150 and he said they would be brill for 1 person. But I cannot ride a motorbike and am still recovering from mild injuries after trying to ride a moped at 2mph so we asked whats good for 2. He showed us one that looked pretty cool and very comfortable but to be honest a little more than what we wanted to pay at £400. This was a big powerful bike aswell so we asked for something a bit cheaper. He at this point showed us the mid range £200  and good for 2 his advice was it will struggle up hills with 2 and all the bags but its not impossible. We asked to look at the bikes in this range… 2 left. So obviously we asked what he would recommend and he showed us the bike. Joe took her for a test drive and said it seemed all legit. Brakes were good, tires brand new and he showed us reports of all the work it had undergone since they had it. We were sold and she was a beaut!!! She went off to the garage to have a final service and the racks for the luggage welded on. She came with 2 helmets and a complementary map and phone holder/usb charger.


I’ve named her Hettie the Honda, Joe says that you can’t name a bike and that its gay, but I think he’s wrong. And with our lack of bike knowledge we don’t even know if she’s a Honda… but thats what i’m going to call her from now on in. So wish us luck but don’t worry!!! Love to you all.

– note from Joe; The bike is not called Hettie, it doesn’t have a name. This is because it is a motorbike, and that is what I will call it: The bike –

Paris X


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