Sa Pa at last!

Motorbike diaries day 3…


Like seriously amazing day today.. so we left Son La early it was a bit of a challenge getting Joe out of bed but I managed it! And off we went heading in the direction of Sa Pa. I don’t even know how to describe today it was too brilliant, the best views I have ever seen. The road is the highest in Vietnam and we went past the biggest dam too. The roads went from being brand new tarmac to what I think we’d call off roading at home. We also had a strange encounter at a road side cafe where the toilet was in a pig sty. With a bad of pigs most bizarre. Northern Vietnam is truly  beautiful. We arrived early and settled into a nice little hotel, just to add it is freezing like being at the top of Snowdon. Pictures could never do what I have seen today justice but I don’t have the words to describe the views so they will have to do!!

Oh yeah and I got a new pink shiny helmet and I love it!! Never taking it off… might even sleep with it on.


Enjoy, Paris X


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