The town with the worlds worst pizza.

On route to Ba Be today but we’d decided we might stop somewhere if we got tired but thought we’d just see how it goes the town we’d considered stopping in was Viet Quang. So off we set an all was going well, we stopped for lunch and Joe got mobbed by some local men asking where we were going and all trying to look at the map all laughing and joking and very friendly.


Must have been about half way there when the road turned to mud. And I mean MUD! It wasn’t the best and the bike was slipping all over the place we did take a bit of a wobble into a massive puddle and Joe got covered head to toe in mud but I seemed to escape. Luckily because the road was so bad we were only going slow and there was no chance anyone would get hurt. Just dirty haha. We made it in one piece much to the amusement of the locals! I wasn’t too impressed and by now quite hungry, so we found the cheapest hotel settled in and then off we went to find food.


Its worth a mention that it was hard to find somewhere to stay no one seemed that eager to have us. I’d joked early that I really fancied a pizza and what did we come across first? A pizzeria. So in we went only to find that the entire menus was in vietnamese! Not a good start I got google translate out and placed my order standard margarita pizza. Joe wanted a chicken burger which was also on offer and a bit easier to point out on the menu. So  we drank our beers, relaxed after our traumatic day and eagerly waited for our food! Joes came first and I was so hungry I ate half his chicken and started tucking into his chips. When mine came out it looked okay it had a strange white sauce all over it and ham and sweetcorn and some chips (which is a thing out here believe it or not). Anyway not keen on sweetcorn or chips on a pizza I picked them off and tucked in! The white sauce i’d assumed was cheese sauce but boy was I wrong it appeared (after countless further inspections)  some kind of icing… like what you have on an iced bun! Not nice at all, Joe ate the rest of the pizza but even he thought it wasn’t very nice!! We headed back to the room for an early night and I dyed my hair and had a shower and even shaved my legs! The bed in the hotel was the hardest bed i’ve ever slept on but with that said I slept well… early star in the morning off to Ba Be and fingers crossed its a nicer place than right here!!!


Paris X


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