Ba Be

Well as already mentioned we were glad to be here for a start and it was beautiful!!!


We settled into a nice homestay despite the woman speaking no english she put me on the phone to a friend who’s english was really good, this enabled us to get everything sorted out!

She even took us to this ladies restaurant so that we could eat some food as we were hungry! The food was delicious I had chicken and rice and Joe had the same but soup and veg too the carrots were so tasty, i’d not tried them before and I definitely want carrots with everything now. The lady told us that the son at the home stay is learning english from her and he sat with us and had a beer.


Everyone seems lovely. We went back for a nap and then for  wonder around town. That evening we ate at the home stay, the food again was very nice, pork with rice and chips again I left the vegetables and soup to Joe. After dinner we went to the ladies restaurant again with 2 french guys that were also staying at our home stay we had a few beers and a good laugh with everyone all in all a pretty chilled nice evening. I facetimed Nan and Pops and even made friends with a cute kitten.


The next day Lin (the son at the homestay) took us and Hettie on a boat across Ba Be lake and then we rode over to the nearest town so that we could get some cash out.


We then spent the afternoon on a beautiful boat trip with Lin, the views of this national park are absolutely stunning! Seriously could not believe my eyes we stopped at a cave and a waterfall and a temple too. We even stopped in the middle of the age for a little bit so we could all have a swim. one of my best days so far to be honest. Do love a good boat trip. We chilled the rest f the afternoon then headed out for some dinner. We left earlyish the next day as we needed to try and make it back to hanoi! We will miss you Ba Be what a truly beautiful place!


Paris X


2 thoughts on “Ba Be

  1. mandy says:

    Looks wonderful! So glad you’re having a great time! Loving the youtube videos! Just say if you want to adopt me – I can be on first flight out – and ride a mean motorbike! 😉 xxx


    • thetwits says:

      Mandy… i’ve seen how you drive a car!!! :p. Aww wee are having the best time loving every second still feels like a dream!!! Hopefully you’ll be out here soon and we can meet up! Though our plans keep changing!!! X


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