Sorry Mum (Again)

So before I start theres one thing I didn’t put into our Hanoi blog post and this is it… I felt it needed its own special blog all to itself…

Today I felt ill, like really ill, we had to call on Joes mums expert advice and after a few tablets lots of water and a bit of rest I was feeling a lot better!! We headed out on an adventure… and I was seriously exited. Today I got dreadlocks. I know you’ll be mad mum but they are so seriously cool and I love them so much already. But heres a before picture…


We arrived at this guys house, he’d been highly recommended by some people at the hostel and we got started. It took ages nearly 5 hours. But Joe was happy because there was a bong and plenty of beer to keep us going. The bloke that done them was proper sound as well and we all had a bit of a laugh and enjoyed 4.20 together. He even let me cuddle his adorable puppy, which was good because dreadlocks are quite painfull!!! §


My hairs a bit spikey sticky uppy and all over the place at the moment but from what i’ve been told it can take a month or two to settle down and I love it soo much – did I mention that already oops – Joe loves it too and I feel like a proper traveler now!

So peace out and don’t be too mad mum (and nan) it could always be worse (and apparently you can just brush them out, or I could always shave my head again? hmmmm)

Paris X


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