The Northern loop

So as you know we needed to head back to Hanoi. We stopped off overnight in Thai Nguyen and I face timed Laura who had some interesting Wallingford gossip as always! We took it easy and the next morning headed back towards Hanoi where we booked into the funky jungle hostel (sounds intriguing) So thats it.. the end of the Northern loop for us!

It has included Hanoi – Main Chau – Moc Chau – Son La – Sa Pa – Loa Cai Viet Quann – Ba Be – Thai Nguyen – Hanoi


We’ve had to cut it a little short because we needed to get our Visa extended and in order to do that had to come back to Hanoi. Although I have to say the North has been absolutely stunning and we’ll miss it!! Looking forward to exploring Hanoi for the second time and then to adventure into the south!!! Just going to pop down below a little video I made of our time in Laos! Loads of you will have already seen it but some people are reading who aren’t on Facebook etc. So here it is hope you enjoy…. 

Paris X


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