Island Life

Cat Ba!!

Sorry its been so long first of all we’ve been super busy, but i’ve not forgotten you all honest! We eventually made it out of Hanoi alive and got our ferry across to Cat Ba all of which was enjoyable the boat was small and it was quite overcast so we couldn’t see very much but none the less it felt nice to be out of the city and headed for island life.

We got out the navigation and intended to head to Woodstock which had come highly recommended by several people we’d spoken to in Hanoi. It was a little out of town but we’d been told it was worth it so decided that we would check it out.


The drive there was sketchy to say the least but we’re getting used to it now. Half finished roads don’t scare us and we made it there nice and slowly but safely! they were quite busy and Joe was still not 100% so we opted for a private room rather than a hammock. It was more expensive but the rooms was nice and it was good to have a change of scenery. Woodstock was beautiful, it looks right out onto its own private bay and the interior is very relaxed with hammocks and mattresses on the floor for people to make themselves at home in. It also has a really cute art corner where people can paint or make crafts, that was by far one of my favourite features and I made some cute friendships bracelets using some of the shells from the beach.


After much conversation we decided that we’d better start looking for work as money was getting a bit tight so signed up to work away and started emailing a few prospective jobs most of which were in the south of Vietnam our intended destination. W spent 4 nights at Woodstock and all were throughout enjoyed, we made good friends with some of the staff and enjoyed parties on the beach with campfires and good music. For our last night we changed accommodation and opted for a tent on the beach. it was beautiful so nice waking up to the sea literally just outside your front door.


One thing I have to say about Woodstock is that the food is amazing! I’d go as far as to say that its some of the best food we’ve had so far. As much as we were enjoying our time at Woodstock we were racking up a hefty drink and food bill as well as the slightly pricey private room we’d had the first few nights. The decision was made that we should head for the town and seek cheaper accommodation and decide where we were to head to next.

Paris x


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