Cat Ba continued

So we made it to the town and escaped Woodstock, we had booked a cheap double room for $5 which was reasonable for the area. Upon arriving and getting our stuff settled in we wondered downstairs to go and (of course) find the best place to have a beer. Joe noticed an advert on the wall for a job as a climbing guide with good admin skills. So we had a chat over our beer and decided that we should maybe go and check it out. We went to find the shop that evening and thats where we met Mr Zoom!! It all seemed too good to be true. We said we’d have the night to think about it but go back first thing in the morning with our decision. So we headed out for more beer and who should we bump into but all the staff from Woodstock. Needless to say instead of having a quiet night we got fairly drunk with them and got more excited about the prospect of working on Cat Ba. You don’t get paid for the job its more a case of getting free food accommodation etc. and also being able to climb/go on all the tours and trips for free. Sounds ideal for us! We got up bright and early and told Mr Zoom that we would start in the morning he seemed pleased.


On our first day one of the guides was sick so Joe basically ended up running the session and i helped out a little. Although I was not too keen on the trek to Hidden valley its all down hill and in my personal opinion very treacherous. Good day but very tired. The next day Zoom wanted us to go out deep water soloing with some of the boys that have worked here previously so we got another early start and headed off.. It was good fun but I think our opinions were very different on the matter as Joe loved it and wants to go every day for the rest of his life, however the boat made me feel sick and the water was cold and dirty. haha. Needless to say we had our dinner with Zoom and the gang which was nice an assortment of meats and rice and then we headed out for more beers.


We did find a pretty sick place to watch the sunset so thats something! 


Now I shall mention that there is nothing wrong with the job its a great opportunity for the right person but at this moment in time i’m not sure thats me! I would rather teach or give something back to the community rather than spend my time guiding fellow tourists around a place i’ve only just landed at myself. The debate continues and decisions are still to be made as to whether we stay or leave who knows? Joes convinced i’ll learn to love it but we shall see.

Paris X


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