WAHOOOO we’re still here!!! Christmas this year feels slightly strange to be honest its our first away from home and we miss you all loads, but we are on the beach and have a pig and are surrounded by awesome people so I think we’ll survive!! I taught my last lesson on christmas eve eve and we headed over to Woodstock the next morning! Before we left we gave each other our christmas presents… very exciting indeed. Joe got my some flip-flops and a face massager well done i’m pretty pleased with that. I got Joe a machete because his brother got one when he came to Asia and Joe wanted to be the same. Christmas eve got a little messy and we ended up having quite a few drinks at the bar and but managed to get an earlyish night as we had the children from the school coming the next morning!

Joe woke up very hungover and very stressed about nothing in particular but the children turned up and everyone mucked in playing volleyball and building sandcastles!



So lots of fun was had none of the kids wanted to go home and it was so good to have a bit of a purpose in the morning. Their school trip ended with me and Ollie trying to spear the pig for the hog roast in the middle of where they were playing. I did try and tell Ollie to wait until the children went home but he decided that this is normal in Vietnam and that they wouldn’t be shocked by the dead pig being hauled along the beach and then violated by the spear. This turned out to be a tricky procedure and took a few attempts but the pig managed to get safely secured onto the spit ready for dinner. Joe was busy trying to assist with the electrics and set up some fairy lights for the dance floor. All starting to feel very Christmassy right now. 


It didn’t take long before it felt like christmas was well and truly underway the pig was coming along nicely and the beers were flowing. Harris was well into his christmas present (a bottle of whiskey) and the good vibes were bouncing. It was quite amusing watching all the boys discuss whether the fire was too hot or we should turn the pig a bit faster suddenly everyone was a master chef. I think the pictures tell the rest!





The girls and I set up the tables and poured rice wine for everyone, 60 people all together so this is going to be a party! Joe and I took 10 minutes out to FaceTime some of you lovely people from back home and it made our day thank you all for answering and we hope you had the best day too and didn’t miss us too much. We ate our dinner and it was good! OMG the pig was amazing I want another one right now!  I’d been picking at the food all day so wasn’t actually that hungry by the time the pig came out but all was good. We ate and drank and I was knackered so I took an hours nap in our tent. Joe came to wake me up adamant that I should keep partying so up I got and the show must go on. We drank, we danced, we partied and I put Joe to bed in the early hours of the morning. All in all a good christmas and definitely one we won’t forget in a while! Now all we need is plenty of time to recover before hitting the juice again for New Years Eve and Woodstocks next big party.


Paris X


4 thoughts on “MERRY CHRISTMAS

  1. Kim and Andy Gray says:

    What an awesome day you had!sounds like you really did have a blast.the pictures are great Paris. Keep safe and enjoy the new year party. I’ll let mum say a few words before I ramble on .we all miss you.loveAndy xx. Looks great hope you ate plenty of that Joes looking more like Robin Crusoe everyday, missing you both soo much love you lots mumxx p.s with my mum head on I think you both need to give the booze a rest and have a detox !!! Xxxx


  2. mandy says:

    Ahh sounds perfect – apart from the spearing off the pig! 😉 Glad you’re having such a wonderful time! Ooh rice wine…dangerous stuff! Enjoy my lovelies. Have a great NYE! Xxx


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