New year new me!

So today is the day to PARTY I think we’ve all only just recovered from Christmas! But its all good, goat is on the menu today and a seafood BBQ which I am most excited about. The goat turned up live this time and we watched it get slaughtered by one of the Vietnamese staff volunteered though so we didn’t have to do the honours! Although Harris did assist with holding it still and Ollie helped de-hair and gut him. It all went quite smoothly but it did make an almighty noise and scared a lot of veggies and Vegans away. As soon as it was dead the Vietnamese staff collected the blood to be boiled and drank later; which is apparently a tradition. Not sure if i’ll be trying any of that later though but we shall see. I’ll include some pictures of the process. (Jacquie/Nansi you may want to look away or get someone to scroll down for you).









The day was entertaining we all did a bit of slack lining and even the cleaning staff joined it! Then we all sat round the fire watching the goat and drinking beer. Quite a lot of rice wine was also consumed. Bobby and I, with the help of some of the other staff had organised a scavenger hunt for the guests where they had to take pictures of different actions and objects around the camp. That was quite entertaining as 2 teams took it very seriously and were more intent of savaging each other than completing their own tasks. But I think they had fun and we sure had a laugh looking at all their pictures in the end. With this underway everyone was to the beach to start cooking the goat, and yet agin the competition of Masterchef was underway! it kept me thoroughly entertained with comments like: “I think the fires too hot” “We need to cook the other side now” “It’s fine to eat goat rare” “Theres too much flame in that fire, we just need embers”. Safe to say dinner was delicious so you all did a fantastic job. half way through the cooking process the vietnamese staff brought us some blood and rice wine shots which i can honestly say were revolting. They also brought us some speciality dish which turned out to be boiled blood and fried testicles, this too was not really to many peoples taste but hey. When in Vietnam… 


Aaron was set to work building Ollie a beach bar and it was quite hilarious to watch old man  (one of the vietnamese staff) constantly take tools out of his hands and attempt to do it himself! The man is incredible though I think I heard someone say he was nearly 90 and he puts all the lads to shame carrying wood and raking sand seem to be his favourite jobs, along with watering the plants.


We also had a couple of guests who were very artistic and had began painting a mural on a brick wall so everyone enjoyed watching this progress through the day and enjoyed seeing the finished result. See the progress below..


There was a momentary panic half way through the day when the champagne arrived and it appeared to be non alcoholic and merely grape juice! However this was later rectified. The day went smoothly and I think everyone had learnt their lesson from christmas and was taking it a little slower although I did catch Joe drinking beer at 10.30am!!!! The puppies that we’ve all been fussing over are up about and walking around the place now causing havoc and seeing everywhere so we got loads of cuddles with them as well, and of course Wolfie got loads of fuss.


As the night went on we had a massive fire which the boys had spent most of the day talking about and partied the night away on the beach!! Yet again another night at Woodstock that I won’t be forgetting thanks everyone who was there you all made it amazing!!!  


I’ll include a quick youtube vid…

Matt and I did most of the filming and Matt did the editing hopefully it’ll give you a bit of an insight of the evening as my photos seem to run out after dinner! I wonder why?

Now it is the New year and time for leaving the past behind us new beginnings and all that jazz I asked Joe what his new years resolution was going to be and he said “i’m just going to continue being a legend” So i’ll keep you posted on that. My new years resolution is to try and read a book a week on average over the whole year! I’m not off to a good start as its currently the 7th and i’m halfway through about 3 books but i’ve been busy. Anyway i’ll keep you posted at the bottom of here with how i’m getting on in the future!

Quick Cat Ba Island life update… We still plan to leave n the 14th though the weather is not looking good through some of our journey so not sure whether to get the train some of the way we still have a week to decide. Joe has started teaching and doesn’t seem to enjoy it, he spend the 3 hours before getting there complaining! We’re spending money as quick as we make it so although we love Cat Ba and being here it maybe hasn’t had quite the financial rewards that we were hoping for so I guess its back to the drawing board on that one. BOLLOCKS.

Paris X


2 thoughts on “New year new me!

  1. mandy says:

    Happy New Year!
    Video and pictures (skipped goats one) look great – and glad you’re both having a ball still! You look soo happy!
    Meal and drinks bit suss NYE but dinner at mine in future can only seem improved – I hope! Take care both!
    Lots of love xxx


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