Leaving Cat Ba

Well we finally did it. We finally left all be it a day late due to us both getting extremely drunk the day before we were due to leave originally. Our last few nights were celebrated by games of twister, cards and lots of drink. We’ll be really sad to see this place go and want to say a massive thank you and goodbye to all the amazing people we met on Cat Ba Island its been an amazing journey for both of us. A special thanks to everyone from Woodstock (you know who you are), Woodstock really is a special place where friends become family. the whole time has had its ups and downs but we are both really pleased that we chose such a beautiful place to spend two months. Next on the journey for us is a visit to Hanoi and then back to the original plan motorbike down the south. I’ll be sure to keep you more posted on our goings on now we’re on the move again… and look out for a but more detailed post on our best bits of Cat Ba. For now though i’ll leave you with our best bits.






Paris X

New Years Resolution update:

17.01.2017 (Week 3 of challenge) Books Read:

  1. A dance with dragons 1: Dreams and dust – George R. R. Martin



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