Painting the motorbike…

So today we decided we’d try and do something productive as all we really do now is sleep or lay in bed until working the evenings. So we went to the market in hope of buying some spray paint for the bike and thought we’d give Hettie a bit of a refresh before heading off soon on the second part of our motorbike adventure (South Vietnam). There were about 6 colours to choose from in the shop and I was in keen favour of a nice mint green colour, but Joe was having none of that! We discussed the options and decided in the end on a very reliable black. It saddens us very much that soon we will have to sell our beloved Hettie but we wanted to pick a neutral colour to widen are possibilities when we sell her! With paint and sandpaper purchased we headed off down the very bumpy road to Woodstock. Ollie (who we were hoping would be able to help us) was intact still in bed so instead we enlisted the help of Aaron! This is how it went…


All in all we didn’t really need any help and it wasn’t half as hard as we thought it would be to take hettie apart and put her all back together! Joe did most of that anyway my main job was to help with the sanding and painting… look out for further customisations because i now think that hettie would look good with maybe a mint green racing stripe or peace sign!

Paris X

New Years Resolution update:

17.01.2017 (Week 3 of challenge) Books Read:

  1. A dance with dragons 1: Dreams and dust – George R. R. Martin





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