Dong Hoi and Hue

So after leaving Vinh with a few minor set backs and snapping the clutch cable spirits were low! No one was quick to help us this early in the morning but eventually a young lad pointed us in the direction of a mechanic and he road off into the distance to buy us a new clutch cable. Yet another day of being soaked through all day at 11 Joe stopped and declared that he thought we should get the train. We were soaking wet at freezing cold and giving up on life! This was not fun and we were still over 100k from our assumed destination. We had a decision to make… to get the train or to carry on. We chose to carry on but decided to have a pit stop for lunch. The restaurant we stopped at was bizarre it had about 100 tables but was completely empty.


The staff were really attentive and did their best to work out what we wanted and get us some food and hot tea – thats right we drink tea now. Washed down with a beer each and we set off. Nearly there and we stopped under a bridge to check the directions when the chain came off. ARGH!!!!

I really felt like giving up now but no no we must go on. Joe (being the hero that he is) managed to get it back on and we reached our destination of Dong Hoi cold, wet and at the wrong hotel but we made it. Had a bit of a power nap and a heated discussion about tomorrows plans then headed out to the most amazing hostel bar to get some food. I also took this as an opportunity to drink one too many whiskeys and embrace how miserable the weather was.

On to Hue… now there have been a few discussions about whether to head on today or get a train or just walk! Why not? But after all the discussions we decided that we would bat on and finish this how we intended come rain or shine. I have a theory that it doesn’t rain in the morning so I persuaded Joe that leaving at 6am would be a good idea. We got up early showered and put our soaking wet clothes back on. Off we went and it was better.. okay so it was still raining but more drizzle than actual downpour. Just when it was all going so well the chain came off…


and then it came off again…

and again…


then we decided now we had to walk to a mechanic as something wasn’t right 500m £2 later and we’re on the way again!! YEY. Nearly 10 minutes later and the chain came off again…


and again


2k walk and we’re at a different mechanics! We arrived in Hue by 11am and had a nap before heading out. We looked round a massive indoor market.


Joe and I had previously had a conversation about how we need to start being a bit more careful with money as its running out and not by anything unnecessary. Within 10mins of being in the market Joe convinced me to spend 100,000DONG on a spanner so when the bike breaks again he can fix it. Later when we were home after looking at the imperial city and more markets he discovered that the spanner he’d brought didn’t in fact open. So much for saving money we headed to the pub and walked around the shops we bumped into some of the lads we’d met at Woodstock and Joe offered a free drink of choice to anyone who could open his new spanner. About an hour later a mechanic was able to bash it open and everyone was happy. All in all a good night but looks like we’ll be spending another day in Hue to see what else is around! I’ll keep you posted…


We spent quite a few more days in Hue as we bumped into some old friends from New Years and Woodstock and got the party underway they had a themed night on called shit shirt night! We got dressed up for a few pounds and got buy one get one free on drinks all night.


We also checked out an abandoned waterpark that was quite creepy but really cool! I wanted to go down one of the slides but it was very dirty and probably not very safe. The best bit was a massive dragon head that you climb right up into, rumour doesn’t really know why they shut the water park but apparently it was somethings do with a law suit and now its up for sale but currently no takers, anyone reading that fancied a business adventure this place was seriously cool! Joe and some of the other lads reckoned it was like being on a call of duty map. Paintball anyone? (as you’ll see from the photos the mood was made even more creepy due to the fact that yes… its still raining)




Another highlight of Hue was Australia day which we celebrated with some Australian acquaintances and took part in a pub quiz! We came second and considering how drunk must of us were this was quite an achievement!


Hue has been good to us but to be honest if you like a drink this place is a good party met some amazing people and bumped into some old friends now its off to Hoi An wish us luck! 

Paris X

New Years Resolution update:

28.01.2017 (Week 4 of challenge) Books Read:

  1. A dance with dragons 1: Dreams and dust – George R. R. Martin
  2. A dance with dragons 2: After the feast – George R. R. Martin
  3. Far from the madding crowd – Thomas Hardy

Status: ONE BEHIND (Catching up)


3 thoughts on “Dong Hoi and Hue

  1. mandy says:

    OMG! Not sure if most shocked by the amount of rain – or that you’re drinking tea! We may need more than one mug when I visit in future now! 😉Glad it’s still a great adventure – and perhaps see you in Bali or Gill Trwagan next month??? Xxx


    • thetwits says:

      We will try but its not looking very likely at the moment!!! Money is very tight :(. We plan on maybe going there on the way back from NZ now! You’ll have to come to NZ to visit instead!!! 😀 Keep us posted when your there though and i’ll let you know if anything changes! We might win the Cambodian lottery after all!! :D. xx


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