Hoi An

First of all sorry its been ages since I posted alot has happened and i’ve written like 4 different posts which you will have the please of reading in the very near future now we actually have some decent wifi for a change I won’t put them all up at once to avoid boring you all to death but i’ll start you off with what we got up to in Hoi An…. Enjoy thanks for reading! Love to you all.

After a rocky start with Matts petrol being stolen and taking about 2 hours to repair and then Joe and I having our most expensive breakdown in history (£12) we finally made it to the Hai Van pass! And oh my god it was worth it the weather was for once not raining which we were pleased by and the views were amazing (the picture below does it absolutely no justice but its the best I have and gives you an idea).


We made quite good time and got to our Hostel in Hoi An. First impressions of Hoi An are good! Despite it being new year and very busy out tonight Joe and I were knackered and headed to bed at 7pm. Even hero’s like us need some Rest and Recuperation at some point!


In the morning we needed to move to a different hostel as it was too expensive where we were. The best thing about this hostel was the menu and I will be back to sample their mac and cheese. (I did in fact drag Joe all the way back at a later date just to sample the mac and cheese and it is quite possibly the best mac and cheese I have ever had in my life). Joe was also pleased to see draught Cider for the first time since being away, however due to the extortionate cost of a glass (a small one at that!) of Mangers, he was allowed one as a treat and then it was back onto the local beers.


The weather was meant to be continuing to improve and we toyed with the idea of using one of our secret escapes but decided to hold off a little. We went onto Agoda and found a really nice hotel with a 5star breakfast and nice swimming pool for a the next 4 nights.


Hopefully it would give us enough time to get our stuff washed and dried and make a plan of whats next as time in Vietnam is quickly coming to an end :(.  We spent a few days chilling out and not doing a lot I finished a few books and we caught up on some well needed sleep. In the evenings we explored the riverside and Hoi An really is beautiful.


It was super busy with tourists and locals because of the new Year but we found a few favourite bars to chill in. One was on a boat and you could sit over the edge and dangly ur feet above the water, it also had really good live music and we enjoyed a night on gin and tonic there as it was reasonably priced. There was also a little gaming pub where we enjoyed playing connect 4 and chess of all things. Along with this we also found the cutest little Italian with a proper pizza oven where wine was super cheap and we had 2 good evenings there. There’s only so much cheap asian beer you can drink and as we we’re on our way into Vietnams wine region it would be rude not to really.


We dined out a lot and wondered around in the day, it felt like we were on holiday in Hoi An and we really took the time to just chill and soak everything in. One of the must do’s in Hoi An is to get clothes tailor made.. we had a look at this and because of the new year the prices were more expense and there was nothing either of us particularly wanted but we did have a good look round and try some bits on! I tried to convince Joe to get some tailor made shorts to replica his favourite famous white ones that he’s still sporting after god knows how many years but he decided against it even though said shorts are now covered in mould after being wet and not dried properly. He insists that it only add’s character. We decided that its time to get the bus as the rain is coming back and I can’t stand it any more so the plan is now to get the bus to Na Trang over night with the motorbike and then spend time riding to Dalat as apparently its another stunning drive.

Paris X

New Years Resolution update:

08.02.2017 (Week 6 of challenge) Books Read:

  1. A dance with dragons 1: Dreams and dust – George R. R. Martin
  2. A dance with dragons 2: After the feast – George R. R. Martin
  3. Far from the madding crowd – Thomas Hardy
  4. Comfort food – Kitty Thomas
  5. Mark One – John Hindmarsh (must read sequel at some point)

Status: ONE BEHIND (Catching up still!!)


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