Another night bus adventure…

It had been a while but we got loaded onto the night bus and off we went its not ideal and it hurt my back and guess what?

By the time we arrived in Na Trang it was pouring with rain. YEY!!! We contemplated staying in Na Trang for the night but theres nothing we particularly want to do not and we are kind of starting to run out of time on our Visa. We arrived in Da Lat I think we were… (and i’m aware i’ve probably said this before) more wet than we have ever been before. Soaked right through! We got changed went straight out for dinner and then slept all afternoon after more of the local wine. In Hoi An we’d been told about a bar called 100 roofs, if you are ever in Dalat this is probably the coolest bar in the world. I’ve never been anywhere like it a bar that is a network of caves, ladders and chambers all leading to obscure caverns and interesting art work. We loved it so much we stayed another day and arranged to go to the house of the same man that designed this bar the next day.



Its like a museum now, but also a guesthouse and you can stay there fore £28. I wouldn’t want to stay there as it was packed out with tourists! It rained a lot and the whole place became very slippy but was really interesting and it was nice to do something a little quirky. Over all I loved Dalat it had a really grungy feel to it and all the bars where really dark and dingy! Would definitely come back and do a bit more exploring.

Paris X

New Years Resolution update:

09.02.2017 (Week 6 of challenge) Books Read:

  1. A dance with dragons 1: Dreams and dust – George R. R. Martin
  2. A dance with dragons 2: After the feast – George R. R. Martin
  3. Far from the madding crowd – Thomas Hardy
  4. Comfort food – Kitty Thomas
  5. Mark One – John Hindmarsh (must read sequel at some point)
  6. Girl Undone  – Marla Madison



4 thoughts on “Another night bus adventure…

    • thetwits says:

      We’ve taken a few night buses.. and only one night train (from Bangkok to Chang Mai) we much preferred the train! For the simple fact that you can lie flat and on the bus its more seats that recline! But we have also met people who hated the train! So maybe we got lucky!! Good Luck! xx

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      • thetwits says:

        We seriously preferred the train! Although it depends as the train can sometimes be a lot longer they don’t seem to go too fast where as the bus drivers are crazy!! Good luck!!


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