Ho Chi Minh…

At least the drive into Ho Chi Minh was a little more dry and actually dare I say it sunny!


I’m ashamed to say we have not really seen very much of the city. We’ve seen a lot of inside the bars and mechanics! We made it there in one piece and the traffic was quite easy to navigate which we were surprised by. I would say it was a lot easier and more straight forward than Hanoi. When we got to the Hostel it appeared that Joe had booked us two rooms in a female dorm! It did not take the owner long to realise that Joe was not a female what with the beard and all. Classic, so I settled into my nice clean female dorm and Joe got to sleep upstairs with a load of smelly men and strangely enough the owner of the hostel. The first mission was to get rid of the bike, we turned it into a bit of a game and stood on the side of the road true apprentice fashion trying to flog this bike to every Tom, Dick and Harry that walked past.


We had a guaranteed price of $200 from a local mechanic who buys and sells on so the plan was to get rid of it for more than that! We agreed we’d snap someones hand off for $250. Eventually one lad showed a bit of interest and it was all going well when his friend who seemed to know what he was on about said it seemed like a good deal. fingers crossed as he took it for a test drive. He came back still seeming very keen, he asked if he could go for another drive once changing his shoes as felt it wasn’t safe to go into 3rd gear in flipflops. Whatever floats your boat mate off you go. He came back and tried the bike again, this time he was gone for AGES like half an hour. Only to come back and confess that he couldn’t buy the bike as he didn’t like how it felt. Joe tried to suggest that maybe it was his shoes that didn’t feel right and if he wanted to go and try another pair that would be fine! Joe was by now too drunk to ride this bike home and I just wanted it gone so we sold her to the mechanic for just over $200 Its not much of a loss when we’ve been all over Vietnam of that bike for the last 4 months. We got an early night and decided to come up with a plan for onward travel tomorrow. My night was far from uneventful as the girls in my room turned out to be party animals and showed up at 4am with a bang. Funny night though they all made me laugh so much. In the morning we chilled with the girls in my dorm we were going to go a swimming pool but the whole gang lost motivation so we chilled out around the dorm and went out for a late lunch followed by some beers. Joe and I booked a bus to Cambodia for 8am the next morning. And I think its fair to say its the end of chapter. Vietnam has been amazing the people here have showed us a kindness that we never expected. We’ve met so many amazing people along the way from the locals to our fellow travel companions and we really, truly are sad to leave. On top of that Joe is still crying about having to sell the motorbike. I’m so done with rain and hoping that Cambodia brings more adventures and a bit more sun! I’ll leave you with a picture of our last day on the motorbike… its been fun Hettie we hope your new owners enjoy you as much as we do.


Paris X

New Years Resolution update:

09.02.2017 (Week 6 of challenge) Books Read:

  1. A dance with dragons 1: Dreams and dust – George R. R. Martin
  2. A dance with dragons 2: After the feast – George R. R. Martin
  3. Far from the madding crowd – Thomas Hardy
  4. Comfort food – Kitty Thomas
  5. Mark One – John Hindmarsh (must read sequel at some point)
  6. Girl Undone – Marla Madison



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