Kep and Rabbit Island

So we left our second night at Bandinis with little direction… we need to get to Siem Reap but that involves going back the way we came! Bit of a mishap on our part. On our way here we drove through a little fishing village called Kep. After doing some research we heard that it has a world famous seafood market and this little Island called rabbit island. So we headed there for a few days soaking in all the sights along the way.


The guesthouse we booked is nice and very cheap £6 a night for a private room. The room is massive and has 3 beds in it. We got bicycles again as we’re 3km from town and cycled around looking for something to do. We decided against the beach even though it looked lovely and headed to a hotel with a pool where we chilled all afternoon and enjoyed some delicious sea food.


We got back into the room and decided to chill for the rest of the day/evening. I tried to shave my legs in the sink… the light was poor in the shower. Those of you who know me will understand that this is something I don’t do very often but it is valentines day tomorrow after all. I put my foot in the sink and the whole thing pedestal and all came crashing down and smashed into about 2 million pieces on the floor. Joe – who’d been having a little nap – woke up screaming and rushed to my assistance. Thankfully no-one was hurt but we did have to rush upstairs and  get the guy in charge to come help! By the time we got upstairs the whole bathroom was flooded. Joe was not impressed and neither was the guy in charge but I still feel like the sink should have been attached to the wall therefore this was not entirely my fault. We played pool and drank a few beers that night Joe kept making sink jokes.

The next day we got up early and headed off by tuk tuk to get to rabbit island so call named because apparently it is in the shape of a Rabbit.


Joes not to thrilled with the prospect of no electricity on the island although his main worry appears to be how they are going to refrigerate the beer. The Island was nice and chilled the boat ride over however was not the most enjoyable aspect for me. We sat and called all day getting a tan and drinking cocktails to celebrate Valentines day.


We picked out a cute bungalow a lot like our jungle hut in Pai it cost $8 which was pretty good going! We spent the whole day relaxing and then had a nap before getting up to watch the sunset and east some seafood. Earlier in the day i’d ordered a grilled fish and Joe had curry squid. (not what e was expecting) so later that evening we shared a grilled squid and I had a pancake for  dessert! All in all a successful night on rabbit island. Nothing to do apart from swim and chill. Perfect Valentines day if you ask me.


We even got to see the most beautiful sunset how romantic!


We got the boat back the next morning and headed into a discussion about what next? Siem Reap is meant to be the plan! But it is annoyingly in the wrong direction as i earlier mentioned. Also money is tight now and for once I am not exaggerating! The things we want to do in Siem Reap are all expensive. So we’ve made a joint decision  – look at us! – to just do the south of Cambodia on this trip we will go to Thailand on the 8th of March to meet some friends and family and then come back to Siem reap after a month as I will hopefully have a little more money (thanks mum). Bit of a detour and not ideal but it seems like the best option for us at the moment so later today we head off to Koh Rong. We’ve booked somewhere in the main “town area” to stay for the first night and then we’re looking at tents on the beach. So keep posted and i’m sure i’ll soon fill you in with our newest adventures!

Paris X

New Years Resolution update:

17.02.2017 (Week 7 of challenge) Books Read:

  1. A Dance With Dragons 1: Dreams And Dust – George R. R. Martin
  2. A Dance With Dragons 2: After The Feast – George R. R. Martin
  3. Far From The Madding Crowd – Thomas Hardy
  4. Comfort food – Kitty Thomas
  5. Mark One – John Hindmarsh (must read sequel at some point)
  6. Girl Undone – Marla Madison
  7. The Sick House – Ambrose Ibsen
  8. The Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini



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