Koh Rong

To get to our new destination we had to first get a bus to Sihankouville. This was a mini van that was air-conditioned and at first seemed like a good alternative to what we’re used to. The driver was a nutcase and stopped for nothing so it was a very very bumpy ride to Sihanoukville. Once there we had an hour to kill before our boat left so we sat tight and chilled with a beer of course. The boat ride was interesting it was a ferry rather than he usual long boats and everyone kind of sat underground so you couldn’t see out of any windows thus leaving most of the passengers feeling very sea sick. We arrived at Koh Rong and had to find our way to the hostel. With no tuk tuks we didn’t really have much choice other than to walk! So we set off walking with all our bags. It was about a 15minute walk to police beach hostel where we arrived. When we got there no one seemed very helpful and checking in was a pain in the arse. Eventually we were shown to our dorm handed a fitted sheet and pillow case each and told to bring them back when we checked out. Oh well, in good sprits and on an island that resembled paradise we headed out for some dinner and of course a beer! That evening we chilled at a bar and enjoyed $1 beer. We met a Polish/Danish couple and enjoyed a fire show with them and shared some travel stories. We ultimately decided on an early night and headed back! In the morning it turned out Joes mosquito net had about 30 holes in and and he’d been bitten alive he had about 50 bites on his feet alone and they are still itching.

We’d agreed to get up early and meet Freddie and Karo from last night, so we headed off to their hostel with walking boots on all ready for a hike. I know a hike. The hike we were going on was over a little mountain to a 7kilometre beach also known as long beach. We had a quick discussion  about the hike back and understanding it would be dark as we wanted to watch the sunset we decided the it might be best to book a boat back.


We were all really keen to see the phosphorus plankton (glowing stuff in the sea) so booked a taxi boat that included that for $5 not a bad price. The guy we brought the bus tickets off tried to put us off walking and make us splash out on a $10 round trip but we were adamant to hike. He even added in the 60% of people that do it turn back! The hike was easy I think we all expected it to be a lot harder it was quite steep but there was a visible path to follow and going up was quite gentle plus we all took our time and helped each other out. The going down was very steep but we all made it alive in good spirits with an amazing view of the stunning beach.


When we arrived it was clear that to get beer or food we would have to hike right along 7k beach great! We made it just over half way with a few breaks to swim on the way and managed to find a cute little restaurant where we all enjoyed some delicious seafood (apart from me who had a schnitzel).



We played cards, swam and sunbathed the afternoon away then walked back along the beach to watch the sunset and get our boat. The sunset was so stunning the best one we’ve seen so far.


We then embarked on the long boat that was packed with tourists, very few of them British. The boat was so packed there was hardly anywhere to sit and only 6 visible life jackets should we capsize. Not fancying the hike back we boarded the boat anyway and hoped for the best. No-one spoke to each other as we headed off into the darkness. After about 25minutes we arrived at the plankton and it was incredible. As you dive down into the water you feel like a space man on another galaxy somewhere; as the whole sea lights up in front of you. As you climb back onto the boat the plankton sticks to you and you can see it in your hair as the water runs off of you. Seriously cool. We had dinner together, at a local BBQ place it was delicious! Joe and I had Chicken and Barracuda and the others had tuna and Barracuda, we enjoyed some drinks in the village before another relatively early night.

The next morning Freddie and Karolina met us at ours we were checking out and they gave us a hand with our bags while we moved into the village we found a little bungalow with little water or electricity, just behind where they are staying for a reasonable price and moved in. We’d collectively decided to go on a walk to another beach today this one is called 4k beach. We headed out and the path was flat which i’m glad about as my legs were aching today! This beach was equally lovely and we found a nice restaurant to chill at but headed back into town for dinner. We ended up at Co Co’s one of our favourite bars and had pizza!


The beers really flowed tonight as we discussed plans of tomorrow and we even had a cheeky shot of Jager and finished the night off with a kebab, I went to bed early as I was knackered think i’ve had too much sun! Joe had a few more beers and then joined me. Joe woke up at all night being sick and didn’t feel much better in the morning. We called off our planned snorkelling trip and instead all went to the beach and sat in the shade. Joe still felt rough at lunch time so headed back for a sleep and I chilled in the sun reading my book. We headed back early with plans to meet Fred and Karo for dinner if Joe was feeling up to it! Joe and I went out to get some food we didn’t bump into them and my phone wouldn’t charge. I had a pizza again as Joe fancied trying a few slices and we’ve found a really nice place. Later we bumped into Karo sat outside their hotel, turns out Freddies been really sick since getting back from the beach. I had a few beers with Karo and we put the boys to bed. Fingers crossed we don’t get ill! The only positive is that it’ll save us some beer money in the meantime. I was ill all through the night. Totally not impressed right now day in bed for me! Although Joe feels better! Not currently sure how Freddie and Karo are doing.

We leave tomorrow back for the mainland and still have little plan! Just going to find somewhere cheap and cheerful and chill out for a few days to recover from our illness. Koh Rong has been amazing and we may return who knows!!!

Paris X

New Years Resolution update:

19.02.2017 (Week 8 of challenge) Books Read:

  1. A Dance With Dragons 1: Dreams And Dust – George R. R. Martin
  2. A Dance With Dragons 2: After The Feast – George R. R. Martin
  3. Far From The Madding Crowd – Thomas Hardy
  4. Comfort food – Kitty Thomas
  5. Mark One – John Hindmarsh (must read sequel at some point)
  6. Girl Undone – Marla Madison
  7. The Sick House – Ambrose Ibsen
  8. The Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini
  9. On The Road – Jack Kerouac



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