Otres Village and Beach!

We moved from Sihanoukville to Otres for a few nights and stayed at a place called Moms kitchen in the village. Its nice here and pretty chilled! Accommodation is a little more expensive ay $12 a night but food is so cheap you can get a whole BBQ with meat of your choice including a wide range of seafood, chips, salad and garlic bread all for $3 and it is delicious. Beer is also really cheap here!


We didn’t really do much just chilled on the beach or around the guesthouse in the day and then ate nice food in the evenings.


The beach is totally nice, (not as white or quiet as Koh Rong though) we enjoyed swimming in the sea and tasting the drinks at all the local beach bars. we also played pool at the hostel accompanied by the biggest dog i’ve seen in Asia, must be crossed with a great dane or something. Super cute.


Once again we have been plagued by mosquito bites mine this time seem to be worse. Although Joe did out do me on the last day by getting a bite on his eye causing half his face to swell up! It has now however gone down. So nobody panic! 


We extended our stay here by one day to stay and see the market which is apparently the best night in Otres town! And I have to say it was worth it. Its a cute little hippie inspired undercover area where everyone seem super chilled They have live bands on and a DJ after midnight! We didn’t quite make it to midnight as opted for a night in with the rugby instead. The food at the market was also amazing, a tiny food court with loads of different stalls and an amazing bakery! We brought some double chocolate chip and salted caramel cookies as a treat! Its not often that you get anything like that around here. Joe however decided to get up in the middle of the night and eat them all… but apparently they were delicious! 


Paris X

New Years Resolution update:

26.02.2017 (Week 9 of challenge) Books Read:

  1. A Dance With Dragons 1: Dreams And Dust – George R. R. Martin
  2. A Dance With Dragons 2: After The Feast – George R. R. Martin
  3. Far From The Madding Crowd – Thomas Hardy
  4. Comfort food – Kitty Thomas
  5. Mark One – John Hindmarsh (must read sequel at some point)
  6. Girl Undone – Marla Madison
  7. The Sick House – Ambrose Ibsen
  8. The Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini
  9. On The Road – Jack Kerouac
  10. Survivor The Triumph Of An Ordinary Man In the Khmer Rouge Genocide – Chum Mey
  11. The Little Old Lady Who Broke All The Rules – Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg



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