One last chance Sihanoukville..

We’d come into a little money this week and ummed and arred about what to do with- some of- it… One thing was quite certain we didn’t want to spend a penny of it on drink and partying!!! We agreed that we wanted to save most of it for setting ourselves up in NZ and potentially buying a camper van in time for the summer. But we needed to do a little shopping and also both really wanted to do our next level in scuba diving (the advanced qualification). So while the shopping can wait we decided to do our diving qualification in Sihanoukville before we leave.

Joe has also been playing football for the local Pub team and came back drenched in sweat after making himself sick unfortunately I do not have any photographic evidence as I stayed in bed and caught up with some admin. The rest of the week has been spent going to local pub quizzes with T and S, which we are still yet to win and just hanging out and enjoying our lovely air b n b apartment. I have taken to wearing my lucky shirt to the quizzes though so there is still time fingers crossed.


The one night I didn’t play they came first but I did manage to get a free glass of beer. I managed to squeeze in a bit of shopping and a local showed us to a shop where everything is $2.50 so we each got a hoody and I got some leggings and tracksuit bottoms! Getting a bit more organised now. I also treated myself to a $30 gorgeous silver ring with a moonstone in it, and i’ve put it underneath my Nanas wedding ring! I’m pretty chuffed with it. Joe wasn’t too impressed but I think he’s over it now! Sorry theres a toilet in the picture it was the best lighting. 


The food here has been amazing I have loved cooking cheese on toast almost every single day and Joe has enjoyed his salami sandwiches. Its nice even just having a fridge. I did try and save myself some money by making my own mango shake it was a bitch to peel… took the best part of an hour, tasted shit, and saved me 20cent so I don’t think i’ll be repeating the situation.


One night we had a power cut which is very common in Cambodia as i’m sure you can manage. So we headed to the nearest place with wifi mainly so that we could inform T and S that the power was out. We stumbled upon a little gem called missing monkey and headed back later for food. The steak here was $15 each but we’d had a heads up to share one and we couldn’t even finish that is was delicious, came with a lovely salad that even I tried and was cooked to perfection. The place has a random lone monkey chilling in a cage but it hates girls so I didn’t brave going near him he was however trying to groom Joe through the bars of the cage. Poor monkey I think he’s a bit lonely. If you love steak def check out Missing Monkey if you are ever in town though.


Other things we’ve been enjoying is of course the local beer and the lovely company of everyone at Jack and Daniels. Celia, Ricci, Sophie, Sophie, Massi, A, Vut, Haydon, Natalie, Danny and of course Jack We love you all and you have made the last week hilarious! We’ve had some finny times. Its been nice for me to have a little bit of a girl tribe going on again and i’ll miss you all. PS. Celia you have to get your arse over to NZ and see us soon! Hanging out at the pool one day we met a couple who have been living in NZ Bianca is going to be in Queenstown which is now our intended destination we’ve swapped contact details and will hopefully meet up when we get there getting really excited now and we’ve got loads of tips from people who have traveled  NZ before so should almost know what we’re doing.  


One day started really well and I got my legs and armpits waxed, we also found a western hairdresser and Joe treated himself to a beard trim and a haircut! Just a trim though as he’s still going for the long locks. That evening went from good to worse as some idiot pulled out in front of us on our way back from dinner and joe went straight into the back of him. Before I finish the story… no-one was hurt bar a few minor grazes that have been well and truly patched up! I could immediately see it was going to kick of as obviously it was a local we’d crashed into and before long there seemed to be a lot of local people around the place all getting involved. I ran to Jacks bar leaving Joe there and asked Jack if he’d go help. He rushed of on his bed but was soon back saying that the police were there and that he’d better take the khmer boys from the pub with him. So Jack plus Massi and Vut headed off again leaving A to run the bar, Jack at this point told me that I should probably go and empty my bank account as there really is only one thing the police want here. $100 dollars later and the whole thing was sorted, apart from now we need to get the bike fixed before taking it back to the rental. I’ve got a bit of a grazed knee and Joes got the same on his shoulder but we’ll both live to tell the tale and I think thats enough motorbikes for one trip! Poor Jack as the night before one of the British girls we know who works for him got punched in the face by a Korean man, its a very long very random story. But basically Jacks spent two nights in a row trying to sort out the police. We owe ya one Jack thanks a bunch. If we didn’t know locals I think the price would have probably been double so it comes in quite handy being friends with everyone. My main concern was that after my leg wax and finally feeling like a girl I now have grazed knees and feel like a 4 yr old boy. Oh well we live to tell the tale and we’re off to Koh Rong now for a break and a some more Scuba Diving before one more night here saying our goodbyes. I’ll leave you with a picture of how bad my armpit hair was (you can’t really tell from the picture but you will have to take my word for it). Love you all. 


Paris X

New Years Resolution update:

25.04.2017 (Week 17 of challenge) Books Read:

  1. A Dance With Dragons 1: Dreams And Dust – George R. R. Martin
  2. A Dance With Dragons 2: After The Feast – George R. R. Martin
  3. Far From The Madding Crowd – Thomas Hardy
  4. Comfort food – Kitty Thomas
  5. Mark One – John Hindmarsh (must read sequel at some point)
  6. Girl Undone – Marla Madison
  7. The Sick House – Ambrose Ibsen
  8. The Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini
  9. On The Road – Jack Kerouac
  10. Survivor The Triumph Of An Ordinary Man In The Khmer Rouge Genocide – Chum Mey
  11. The Little Old Lady Who Broke All The Rules – Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg
  12. Bone Pit: A Chilling Medical Suspense Thriller – Bette Golden Lamb and J. J. Lamb
  13. Sabotage – Dale Wiley
  14. Dracula – Bram Stoker
  15. First They Killed My Father – Loung Ung
  16. War and Peace – Leo Tolstoy (Among others still a work in progress but I am making progress!)



2 thoughts on “One last chance Sihanoukville..

  1. mandy says:

    Ahh looks like you’re having a ball – alongside some adventures! Love the pics – and armpit hair always worth a mention and token pic! 😉 Enjoy – and stay safe! Lots of love xxx


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