48 Hours in Bangkok airport! 

First of all I would like to apologise for taking so long to write anything here! We are currently both well and in NZ on a frantic job hunt before the ski season kicks off. However someone spilt a pint of beer over my laptop (it’s a story for another day) and that’s why I’ve not been online! So let’s travel back in time to when we were still in Bangkok and I’ll try catch you up over the next few days!

Joe and I arrived at Bangkok airport with plenty of time…. 5 hours until our flight to be exact. We headed to check in and hoped to drop off our bags and get through! I had my heart set on a bit of shopping and a G and T before takeoff. At check in we were declined due to apparently not being registered on that flight! Shocked, and advised to call the agency (STA) we headed to the nearest pay phone! I don’t know how many of you have tried to use a pay phone in Bangkok airport but let me tell you!!! It is impossible it has more buttons than the cocpit of the plane! After no luck and patients wearing thin we found a Scottish man who let me use his phone. We eventually established that we weren’t checked onto the flight and had already missed checkin.
Deflated and annoyed we headed to a nearby hotel which in itself was a mission as the taxi driver drove us miles away and then to a 5star facility. Eventually we found a suitable hotel where we could continue our phone conversations with STA and try work out what was going on. The hotel had condoms in the fridge, which was puzzling but you can’t be too fussy in these situations and I made for the phone. While Joe headed out to get me a pizza every cloud and all that…..

After numerous phone calls we were assured that we would be flying tomorrow. However by now we’d heard it all before and we’re not too sure! We headed to bed with our fingers crossed and alarms set for the next day! Lucky for us we’d received an email with a flight confirmation yet no apology that we could fly tomorrow! Relieved we headed to the airport this time nearly 7 hours early just to be sure!!
Once at the airport I got to indulge in a bit of shopping and Joe enjoyed a pint. We ditched Asian cuisine for a subway….before donning our flight socks and heading to the plane!

The flight was long but without any further difficulties and we were collected from the airport by an old friend of mine who goes by the name Mav! Thankyou for reading and keep posted for more of the same.
Paris X


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