Rakaia gorge.

So we’re getting used to the winter and the cold! And it is a shock to the system but a good one. We’ve been enjoying the Lions tour and (this is rugby for those of you who don’t know) even went to watch one game in person which was a great night out. Joe drank to much and managed to fall down the stairs but there were no injuries sustained and with a win from the Lions we left in high spirits!

Work over the winter is quiet and more about fixing things than cows but we’ve both been getting stuck in and my god did the first pay day feel good! I reckon we could get used to this working malarkey! On our days off we decided to go for a walk up Rakaia gorge after driving through many times and liking the look of the area! The walk was beautiful and there are loads of different trails so I think we’ll try another one next week!

I’ve even enrolled in weekly pole dancing lessons so maybe this is the new healthy us! The best thing so far for me is having our own kitchen and being able to cook every night and enjoy a little normality after all our crazy adventures in Asia! Don’t worry though I’m sure there will still be plenty of crazy mixed in! Take care everyone at home as always miss you all loads!

Paris X


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