Party πŸŽ‰

So once again apologies for not writing much….. a new laptop is on the cards any day now!

We’ve been really busy at work with moving cows around all in preparation for calving which is coming round fast now and I’m quite excited about! The preparation included walking 1231 cows home from a nearby town the other day! This took about 4 hours and was a mammoth task but he team did good! I managed to successfully stay on my motorbike even though I had the treacherous task of going through a full blown forest to extract the last few cows!

with everyone including all the cows home safe and sound we celebrated with a beer and an early night!!! Joe had big plans for skiing the next day (our day off) but unfortunately the mountain is still shut due to too much snow. Bizarre we know! So we rested all day and did a food shop-exciting times.

A lot of new people have moved in this week and we’ve had a few celebrations! One in particular for Codys birthday! Which ended with a vomit covered sofa and one hell of a mess in the kitchen. Which we’re still cleaning up! Other parties included arm wrestling and debates about communism. Wild I know.
The weather is still snowy and raining and in places very very muddy!!! But we’re all good and still loving every second of dairy farming and Newzealand!

Paris x


2 thoughts on “Party πŸŽ‰

  1. Emily says:

    The dairy I worked on didn’t really have a calving stage, they would just pop out occasionally. However this was a small family run business which had got a bit lax… I absolutely loved feeding the calves though. Even my partner, Mitch enjoyed it πŸ˜„

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