Let the calving commence.

So we are really settling into this dairy farming thing. And enjoying our time in NZ! At the beginning of calving it is a Robindale tradition that the boys shave at the first born, live replacement…… anyone who knows us or who has followed our stories will know that by now Joe has quite an impressive beard. I fact we’ve both forgotten what he looks like without one. But a tradition is a tradition so off with the beard….

As you can see the end result is quite stunning. Calving is going well and we’re both enjoying being a bit busier! The hardest part for me was having to get up at 5am and navigate my way across a few fields in this tractor to collect the calves.

Then continue to negotiate my way through the calf barn with about 20cm either side of the trailer. Although I did myself proud and completed the challenge!!! We have a few days off now and a few things planned which I’ll give an update on next week. I think now is a good time to introduce our newest arrival….. meet Tilly the Toyota Litace! Our new travel companion….

She’ll be getting a few modifications/ improvements so keep your eyes peeled! At minus 4 it’s a bit cold for a road trip just yet but we have plenty planned for the future that we are pretty excited about! With the increase of the work load we have been eating a lot! This has been greatly helped by the fact that we gained a load of meat from some bulls that were recently killed… this should keep us going for a while!
Life is good and as always Thankyou for reading! Thanks for your likes and subscribes it really means a lot. To everyone reading at home we miss you loads and wish you were all here with us!!!

Paris X


2 thoughts on “Let the calving commence.

  1. Mandy says:

    Hi sweetpea, Glad you’re both well, and enjoying NZ! 5am starts are hard – but Joe looks positively younger on them! 😉 Loads of love to you both xxx


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