A mini adventure…

With work busy we’ve been making the most of our days off and trying to explore a little bit of the local area. These most recent two days off we’ve been to explore Lake Colridge. Joe has been shopping and treated himself to a fishing rod which is apparently going to catch us some dinner one day! We’ve also borrowed Cody’s puppy Simba and decided to take him along with us.

So we piled into the car and headed off to or destination. The best thing was the drive is so beautiful!!! Like every where here it really is a picture and we enjoyed the winding roads as we drove up and down the mountains. Alas we didn’t catch any fish but both had a good day and loads of fun trying! Lake Colridge is beautiful and I think we’ll def be heading back soon to do some more fishing and exploring.

I think by the end of it the pup was pretty tired too.

We came home and Joe cooked us a roast dinner which made for the perfect evening.

Paris X


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