Meet The Twits.

Giving up the rat race and traveling the world one step at a time…


Currently a residential care worker,  loving and living in North Wales. Crochet queen and cupcake fanatic, loving the simple things in life and currently obsessed with rock climbing. Genuinely excited to see the world and meet some amazing people. My dreams have always been to write a book, inspire a nation and have a bloody good time along the way.



Like to think of myself as a party loving, travelling geezer but have more recently become a 9 to 5 grunt working on the front line of parcel delivery. Came back from the U.S and spent a couple of years working completely different jobs and still cant decide the right “path” for me (I know that makes me sound like a twat but hey ho). So then, decided that a year or two off the beaten track might help me to decide what I’ll end up doing in the long run, and provide me with a few decent stories for the future.





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